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Please Welcome Iceknight to the Madhouse!


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Would everyone, yes that includes each of the voices in your head, please join me in welcoming Icenight -Dawn's little brother- to the madhouse!



While you wait for the rest of the members to come and give you a proper welcome, and some deliciously Tainted Treats, please make yourself at home.

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Welcome to the Black Tower, the home of Tainted Brownies!


Do you like brownies?

Can you make brownies?

Are you going to balefire anyone? (please don't)

Few random facts about yourself?

Are you crazy?

Which books you like?

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why didn't anyone ask whether i can make brownies or not ?


*is shocked*

Can you bake brownies or not?


See I asked you. Besides, if everyone knows he can make brownies then if'll have to make brownies all day forever

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