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Hi, I'm new.


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Hello everybody. This is exciting! It's my first time joining an adult forum. My mom just gave me the O.K. to join. Epictacular!

If someone could show me around a little so I don't screw up and mortify myself, that would be sweet!

My brother likes WoT, and originally got me started by reading it to me as a bedtime story. He might be sharing my account.




What else...


Awkward silence...

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Hello and welcome. Just to be clear, the age range of members here are 13 years old and up, way up if you count me in. :-)


Have you finished the whole series? We have a book discussion forum, a section for role playing and a bunch of social groups. All of the groups have their own focus and you can find out about them by reading at the top of each group. You can join as many as you want. At the White Tower and Warders you can advance your way up to becoming an Aes Sedai or Warder. The other groups have their own systems of advancement. There are lots of fun things to do in the groups. Wander around some, check things out and if you have any questions or need help, let us know. We are happy you decided to join.

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Tread lightly young one, for these waters do be dangerous for ones like yee. Some of the local inhabitants do bite, (especially the reds), but you're always welcome to get to know everyone!


As Ryrin said, there's a crap load of things you can do at DM but would recommend you read up on some of the rules and sticky boards before going off too far!


The warders will always have a warm blanket and a ready bowl of steaming stew for you, feel free to PM me if you have any questions on how to get started. (Always eager to make new acquaintances)



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@Sherper - Okie-dokie. @Panchi - O.K., thanks! @Rasheta Ardashir - Alright. :)

You can always use the quote or multiquote function at the bottom right hand corner to quote previous posts.

No need to do the @ thingy, and it makes for people reading your posts to have a better idea of what you're talking about.

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