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  1. It was cool, it was sad, it was very cool, and very sad. I loved it. And me and the sibs are gonna do it again.
  2. When Ishamael/Moridin used the True Power in (some past book I can't remember), he linked himself with Lews Therin/Rand and made him able to channel the True Power! Think about it. If your thinking "what benefit is that to Moridin?" He might have done it by accident. And Rand only uses it after that scene.
  3. @Sherper - Okie-dokie. @Panchi - O.K., thanks! @Rasheta Ardashir - Alright. :)
  4. Thanks! I'm a little over half the way done with the last book. I'll check out stuff...
  5. Hello everybody. This is exciting! It's my first time joining an adult forum. My mom just gave me the O.K. to join. Epictacular! If someone could show me around a little so I don't screw up and mortify myself, that would be sweet! My brother likes WoT, and originally got me started by reading it to me as a bedtime story. He might be sharing my account. Um... What else... Awkward silence...
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