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[Dreadlords] Purely Evil Pranks


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We all hate school deep down. Schedules, teachers, classrooms, not to mention homework. And uniforms. Hm. A lot of work too. I'm sure all of you have plotted at some point in your pathetic lives how to best overthrow your harsh taskmasters and sieze control for yourself. I know I have. Hypothetically speaking. So please, enlighten me. What is the best way to go about making your teachers hate school as much as you do? Have you ever carried out any of these nasty schemes? And if your feeling adventurous and particularly evil, got any grander plans than just disrupting class and causing general mayhem? Just to be clear, I'm not suggesting you kill anyone or anything... torture and brainwashing usually works better anyways.


Points shall be given to the most creative, most evil and most realistic ideas.


And go.

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My class never prepares for tests. Whenever some teacher says she is going to take test, we simply make enough noise that she can't even hear herself. And giving punishment to 50+ girls when you can't hear anything is impossible. Simple yet effective

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I remember once when I was younger we took an empty pop can our teacher had used and filled it with lemon juice. Unfortunately for the people who did it. It didn't work cause she knew she didn't leave a can on her desk.


Another time the poked a hole in her can so that when she took a drink it spilled all over her shirt. She wasn't happy about that...

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Okay, so at one of my old jobs there were a few pranksters around and we constantly pulled small things on each other. This one guy Rich, got me and my friend Natalie pretty good one weekend. He switched everything on our desks. So all of her stuff went to my spot (even our files and drawers) and vice versa. Needless to say, that took a few hours to clean up and rearrange. So Natalie and I plotted and took our time to seek our revenge. So this was back when Justin Bieber (I can't spell his name) made it big, so we bought tons of teeny bopper magazines, tons of girly stuff, packing peanuts, bubble wrap and gel. We plastered his desk with the pics from the magazines (pics to follow), taped the werewolf guy from Twilight to his calendar, put the hair gel in the ear piece of his phone, tossed the packing peanuts in his desk drawers, taped them shut and finally wrapped his chair in bubble wrap.





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hehe, some evil people here! :)


my class in secondary school really didn't settle during our german classes. one class, we were watching the never ending story in german (not from the beginning either so I had no idea what was going on) and one boy managed to get his hands on the remote control. after about 10 minutes of watching the film he rewound it a bit, and then let it play again. he did this periodicaly for the rest of the hour, while each time the teacher would try and fast forward it on the machine itself, as she couldn't work out what was happening!

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