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Aiel Invasion--Social Spam

Aiel Heart

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Don't you think TMD would look a lot prettier with a few extra holes poked in him? :)


*experimentally dunks a piece of popcorn in the cheesybutteriness*


Strange wetlander food...


I think that you are probably right. 


*grabs a spear and starts poking TMD*

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Welcome Aiel!!! 


Did I hear someone offering osquai?

Yes we do!!! Here; have some!!!!


I got oosqui I stole it from the Wise One's ceremony *nod*


I think they were too drunk to notice.

*Raises an eyebrow* are you suggesting that Wise Ones cannot handle Oosquai?
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Oh, and for everyone's general knowledge:


As a past Wise One (now Car'a'carn--OH NO I'M SEVENNA!!!!!) I can channel Saidar (oh never mind--I'm not XD )


As a member of the Black Tower, I can channel Saidin.


Here, in this thread I am both, therefore I can channel both





Edited by Aiel Heart
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