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The official Black Tower Doctor Who fan thread


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So yeah, doctor who is the best (insert your favorite beyond pg-13 word here) sci-fi show ever.



This is my all time favorite fan made video on youtube, and i can't think of a better way to start off the OFFICIAL Black Tower Doctor Who thread. So discuss away! Whether you are old enough to remember seeing the first airing of the first episode of the show ever, or have just become a fan, nerd away to your hearts content!

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No way David Tennant is da best.


Star Trek meh. Tried watching it lost interest. Liked Star Wars better.


I watched the seventies rerun when I was a kid with my brothers and it was such a forbidden show for us that it gives that little added thrill.


I loved that old theme music. Everytime it comes on my youngest brother would dive under the bed asked us to tell him when it was safe to come out and of course we told him just at the most scariest bits. His reactions was hilarious every single time.


I have such happy memories of this show.


I want the old music back.

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*is not in the Black Tower but is attracted by the promise of Dr Who*


Love this show so much.   :)


I have plans to watch from as early as I can manage some day when I have the time and money. It will be glorious. *nodnod*


Seriously, I've made friends with some of my best mates over this show and forced my other friends into watching it simply by talking about it/referencing it too much.   :p


I love Tennant. Maybe it's just because he's the Doctor I started on, maybe because he's awesome and brilliantly good looking, either way, he's my favourite.  And Donna is my favourite companion thus far, though Rory comes a close second and I do rather like Clara.


*sigh* I need to see the original series.

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Yay BB I have heard a bit about you from your bestie Starrik.


Apparently you're a street muso as well and I could've been listening to you without even knowing.


Maybe someday when I'm in Brissie next I could hear you sing :biggrin:


and double yay for liking David Tennant too.

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Why do I like the Ninth Doctor? Because he is Everyman. The Ninth Doctor is, to quote Joe Walsh, an "ordinary average guy". You could sit in a pub and have a pint or three with him, shooting the breeze and enjoying a match together if there's one on. He isn't some pretty face, attracting thousands of fangirls who only like the show for his looks. His looks are more rugged, and show that he's lived a fun and eventful life. The Ninth Doctor wears comfortable clothes that don't go out of the ordinary, and you could probably walk right past him on the street without even noticing. He doesn't show any of the desperate need to call attention to himself by dressing as weirdly as he can. He doesn't try to match a suit with sneakers (Tenth), or a bow tie with a fez (Eleventh). The Ninth Doctor doesn't consider vegetables to be articles of clothing (Fifth). He doesn't wear an outfit that looks like a circus clown threw up on it (Sixth) or a scarf that is much, much longer than any scarf has a right to be (Fourth). And checked pants and a string tie (First) aren't going to happen with him, either.


Basically, I like the Ninth Doctor because I can identify with him better than any other Doctors I have seen, or what I know of the ones I haven't seen. I do like Tennant also, though.

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