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  1. Currently reading farseer trilogy at the moment

  2. Hey everyone, it's going good at the moment, my shift pattern at work has changed so i am still getting used to the new shifts. I have been speaking to my farther alot more lately, he has just come back from holiday in italy. I am hoping to go there in the summer. I am currently catching up on walking dead at the moment i am on season 3 and i am really enjoying it. Im also watching supernatural season 8, Once upon a time season 1, falling skies season 3, sleepy hollow, and under the dome. Currently i am reading the farseer trilogy, which i am really enjoying. I also have 15 books waiting to be read on my reading list, I don't know how i am going to get through them, and i keep buying new books so it keeps growing. This will only be a short update this time, i will do a longer and more in depth one soon.
  3. Hey everyone! Things are progressing really well with my farther, Im thinking about going down to london for a visit in january. Which should be really nice, as we have not seen each other for a very long time. I dont think i will really get to know him until we meet, i also dont know how i feel about the whole situation yet either, i think it will be good to meet up with him. Work is going well, i have been there for 3 months now, i thought the novelty would have worn off by now, but i am still enjoying myself, there are new challenges with each new shift. Finally my ex-girlfriend has stopped calling me, which is a massive relief. It was really starting to get on my nerves. I made a couple of new friends recently which is always fun. I like making new friends. There is also a women im intrested in but im not sure how to attract her attention, any ideas lol ? I have just finished reading emperor of thorns, the broken empire books where really good, i enjoyed reading the 3 books. Im now moving on to the shadows of the apt series now and also the sorcerers ring series aswell. Has anybody got any other suggestions of what i could read. Im currently watching dexter i have just started season 2. Its a very good series. I am also watching the walking dead from the begining. i know im way behind on these series but i didnt start watching them when they came out on tv. What is everybody watching and reading at the moment let me know. Thats all for now.
  4. Just finished emperor of thorns

  5. Yeah good things are definitely happening. I have read all the dresden file books, im just waiting for the new book to come out in november i cant wait. Ive just read cold days again. Yeh hangovers suck, but i dont always get them. Im alrite going past 2 drinks. i will be trying out a new hangover cure for weekend if i wake up with hangover, chilli burrito for breakfast.
  6. Hey, i just thought i would let you know how things where going. Im doing really great, im happy at the moment which i cant say has been the case up until a couple of months back. I have been working at my new job for three months now, and its going really well im enjoying the job im doing, i have started to develop good relationships with the other staff members. I am enjoying getting paid again aswell, I can spend alot more time with all my friends and go on nights out, to the movies and hang out alot more now. I get to spend time with my sister aswell which is really great, i have not been able to see her over the last couple of years because she has been away at university, but now now she is in her final year she will be living at home, i have missed her. I am off work now for a couple of days so im going to be out and about, busy busy busy. Ive arranged a night out with my friends at the weekend which should be really fun. Im going to the pictures with my sister on thursday, but i dont know what where going to watch. Im going to try and take it easy at the weekend with the drinking, because im sick of waking up with a hangover and feeling like the grim reaper with the flu. Currently im reading the broken empire series by mark lawrence, im on book 3 the emperor of thorns and im really enjoying it, its very gritty and dark with alot of death. Next on my reading list is the shadow of the apt series which ive heard good things about. Has anybody got any suggestions for new series to read please let me know. Well thats it for now see you next time.
  7. Reading emperor of thorns at moment.

  8. Im just reading mortal instruments city of bones, after i went watching the film.

  9. Thanks ! Yeah there are five i think ! im reading number 1 at moment its good.
  10. Hey everyone, ive not been able to update this for a while, but im back on now. Everything is going well with my farther so far, we have been texting every other day and its going really well, its nice to get to know him. I had a great time at my aunties wedding a couple of weeks ago, i met a women at the wedding which was really nice. But the next day i woke up with a horrible hangover. I went watching mortal instruments - city of bones on tuesday, it was really good which was suprising, usually books that are adapted into films are dissapointing with obviously a couple of exceptions. Im going watching the new riddick film on tuesday, ive been looking forward to that coming out.
  11. Just working my way through the left hand of god trilogy.

  12. 3 that i know of i think its going to just be a trilogy.
  13. The broken empire series is great, the first book the prince of thorns is about is about prince jorg and his life and his ambition to end the hundred war and become emperor. He is haunted by the ghosts of his past and the people he has killed. jorg is rutheless and never backs down. Its a great series its from the point of view of jorg. Yeah wplverine was good , and yeah there was lots of bloody scenes.
  14. Personal life Hey everyone ! Ive got some exciting news, i have been speaking to my farther for the first time in 12 years. My mum gave me his mobile number after he got in touch with her saying he wanted contact with me. I have been texting him for about a week now and its going really well, he is very interested in reconnecting after so long apart. I am even considering going seeing him next year. Im going to take it slow at first though because i need to get use to the idea of having him back in my life after so long. Im really excited though it will be good to get to know him. Me and my mum left london when i was 2 years of age, after they got divorced. Ive never needed him in my life when i was a kid because i had my mum and step farther. But now that an adult i would like to get to know him. Movies and book Im currently reading the broken empire trilogy by mark lawrence, and i have to say its one of the best series of books ive read im currently on book 2 the king of thorns, im really enjoying it at the moment. The first book Prince of thorns was excellent. I went watching the wolverine at the movies on tuesday, i was nicely suprised, i wasnt expecting much from the film but i thought it was good. Thats all ive got time for at the moment. speak to you soon.
  15. The new doctor has been revealed for doctor who, cant wait to see him in action

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