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Hey Brian, welcome!

If you are still working on the earlier books in the series watch out for anything that may spoil things for you in the main discussion boards. While you continue to read you might have fun checking out the social groups.  I can personally vouch for the Band of the Red Hand and the Black tower as fun places though I'm sure the others are lots of fun too (Just that I have not joined the others yet so can't say first hand).  If you have any questions on the site feel free to ask and I am sure others will be coming along to welcome you soon enough.

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Hi Brian!


Welcome to Dragonmount!


As Nikkon said, you might find some fairly major spoilers in the Wheel of Time discussion boards, so read at your peril! :)


And I would also agree that the social groups are great, a great way to meet people untill you finish the series!

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Hello Brian!!! Welcome to DM. I discovered the series just a couple of years ago. Here you will find people who have been reading for 20 years and those like us who discovered it recently.


Like the others, I think it is a good idea to avoid the discussion forums so as not to spoil the series for you.


There are lots of social groups and you can belong to more than one. I spend most of my time in the White Tower and Warders. There is also a role playing section.


If you need any help or have any questions ask away.

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ANOTHER BRIAN! WHOOOOOOOO!!! Welcome sir! Or better yet, Dia duit. Ceade mile failte!  If you have any questions feel free to ask man. Book 4 has got to be my favorite of the series. Emmond's Field......nough said. 

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