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  1. sounds like she's from New York of something
  2. Never had a problem with egwene. Gawyn was annoying though. I also think the scenes between them where painfull. It was like some pages from mills and boon broke into a WOT book.
  3. We see the main characters at the end of the last book. But what smaller characters would you like to know what happened to them after the last battle?
  4. why do we read about Thom and Davram Bashere's Mustaches? Do they have 2 of them?
  5. how do you think both groups will deal with this after the taint and the story is over. Would male channelers from both groups just join the black tower? Or would both the aiel and Sea foke come up with there own way of training young male channelers. If so how do you think it would work?
  6. I think Sandson did a better job with Olver than RJ.
  7. Taking into account you would not be living the life of a high born noble, but a regular person. Where would you want to live, and why?
  8. I was more upset that Hurin died than anyone eles.
  9. With Rand gone. Do you think the rest of the world would really be able to hold on to the truce, and the borders with the seanchan?
  10. I would love a bunch of short stories about the rebuilding of the world after the last battle. Just small personal stories about people going back to their lives
  11. Was RJ ever told that while the red hand was indeed a symbol of a celtic tribe. It has for some time been used by terrorists as a symbol of violence?
  12. such a small detail, but it adds so much to the world of wheel of time.
  13. I would have liked there to have been the last battle with the dark one. Then a whole book about Rand and Fain.
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