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  1. Walked away from the young Turks. Anyone follow his youtube?
  2. Never had a problem with egwene. Gawyn was annoying though. I also think the scenes between them where painfull. It was like some pages from mills and boon broke into a WOT book.
  3. We see the main characters at the end of the last book. But what smaller characters would you like to know what happened to them after the last battle?
  4. Anyone watch this youtube podcast? What are your favourite moments?
  5. why do we read about Thom and Davram Bashere's Mustaches? Do they have 2 of them?
  6. I found the Margaery and Tommen scene very creepy. She even said it will be "our secret".
  7. The whole point I am making is that the people who make tv shows can take even the slightest suggestion of something, and turn it into a main feature of the story.
  8. Is there not a moment after Matt stands up to the sea folk where Tylin says something to the effect that she respects and likes to see a dominant man. but thats not what she want in the bedroom. In fact the bit in the last book where Matt shouts at Davram and Deira Bashere and they both smile at him. then Matt thinks to himself how people from Saldaea are messed up. I think thats Sanderson poking fun at the whole thing.
  9. any bdsm undertones that the books may or may not have, would be overtones in a TV show
  10. how do you think both groups will deal with this after the taint and the story is over. Would male channelers from both groups just join the black tower? Or would both the aiel and Sea foke come up with there own way of training young male channelers. If so how do you think it would work?
  11. I think Sandson did a better job with Olver than RJ.
  12. Taking into account you would not be living the life of a high born noble, but a regular person. Where would you want to live, and why?
  13. I was more upset that Hurin died than anyone eles.
  14. my love of complex story lines with lots of characters, and more than 1 villain (witch is why i love wot) started here. You would never get a kids show now that is so detailed with characters being killed off. I loved the way characters would come in and out of the story, with everyone fighting each other.
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