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Gray Ajah Midsummer Festival: Cake Competition

Mrs. Cindy Gill

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Awesomeness Gud!!


Mills, that was a terrible oversight on our part. ;o)


Cindy, they use wooden dowls a lot for support. See, watching cooking shows can be a learning experience. *g*

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Brid your quad posting cracked me up this morning  :laugh:


Cindy, I'd still eat em  :tongue:

I'm glad I started your day off with a chuckle.  :wink:


And I agree with you, I'd chow down on them too.  What's a few splinters when yummy cake is involved!  :biggrin:

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yay!!!! I took the lovely Gray one =))) and congratz to Brid and Bella, such lovely choices ladies!!!


thx for running this fun thread Cindy, err I mean Kitteh  *pets kitteh with Love*

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