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Gray Ajah Midsummer Festival: Cake Competition

Mrs. Cindy Gill

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Welcome to the Cake Competition portion of the Grey Ajah Midsummer Festival!


We have three categories for y'all to enter:


1. Celebration Cakes


2. Cupcakes


3. Summer Garden Party


Each contestant may make three entries in each category. * when you post your entries, please be sure to state the category. *


Contestants are asked to post pictures of cakes they think will win, and at the end of the event a winner will be chosen in each category.


Go ahead and go wild with the pictures, cute ones, funny ones, intricate ones, OMG how do they make that type ones, anything goes!


I'd love it if some of you might also post recipes and decorating tips and techniques, but you don't have to be a baker for this contest.


Most importantly - Have Fun!


And thanks for participating!


Now Go Go Go! And show us some Cakes :smile:

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Oh man! I wish i still had a pic of this! I made a b-day cake for a friend once. They had two pet albino lab rats. So i made two red velvet round cakes and cut them up to make a mouse shape. I used Raspberry baking jam as filling between the cakes so it "bled" when you cut it. lol I toasted coconut to look like wood shavings in the cage, raisins for rat poop lol, black licorice whips for whiskers and red jelly beans for eyeballs and a red licorice tail. Used a whipped white icing with coconut for fur. It was AWESOME! but i have no pics. booooooo Beautiful cakes you all posted though! I am disappointed in the lack of Star Wars themed cakes. tsk tsk.

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