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So you did open them first.  I guess you're not opposed to my love, but opposed to crayonic scribbles?


My existing bromance with Reyoru specifically states I may not engage in.....umm.....stuff.....with you.  Calls you out by name.

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Yeah, how cold hearted does one have to be to object to a crayon-scribbled love note written by someone as.... Special as Krak?


Yeah, exactly!  I mean why wouldn't...wait...why is 'special' capitalised?


I'm so glad you noticed that purposeful capitalization. 

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From the way you posted, I just always assumed you were a girl.  



I feel icky.


Poor Krak.  If you'd left the first post alone, it would have been funny.  I would have given you credit.  But you have to double post with that bush league icky joke?  Damn, must I teach you everything?

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