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I do love the sucking up but I have to tell you if I had points to give I'd already have given them to you...


I will help you all I can, with or without kneeling, because you make me smile. and give me live pray. and a nice, though somewhat androgynous not that theres anything wrong with that masseuse.


the wine is lovely, I'm sure. but I'm a bit low on rum...

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It is my fault, oh Great Mistress. I shall submit myself for punishment should it be required...


In the meantime, I offer you this pirate kitty to enjoy with your rum.



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I would never punish such a fine thing.... I don't hold that end of the leash. I suspect you might... but for the moment you play this role very nicely :)


I can maintain no sad in the face of a pirate bearing rum...


I... need to play with something now...


where was that toy again?

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