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No prob! The bad thing about these things is the first wave of them feed the next wave of them and so then you get

pelted with several different waves of them. And when it gets dark you can't see where they're coming from and they can

develop so quickly. I think the one that hit Moore this afternoon was an EF-5. It peeled the bark off of all the trees. :sad:

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You both stay safe. I'll do the same. Remember your safety precautions. LOL Not like they were ingrained in us since we were old enough to understand, living in tornado alley.

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The thing that gets me is tornadoes cause so much destruction, and yet they're only air/wind.  Blows my mind. 



My mom works close to where it hit, but she's okay too.

What about the extended family? They all ok too? 


*Wraps in bubble wrap*

You are my Sunshine,

My Souvra Sunshine...

NO TAKE MY SUNSHINE AWAY *glares at the tornados and tethers Sunshine down*





Offspin but still related: I love how in times like this we really get to see the good side of people. All of the first responders going out, everyone reaching across miles to help and pray for each other... Plus hearing stories about teachers who threw themselves over their students, and those who bear hugged their kids upon finding out they were alive. Imagine being not far away in the rubble and not knowing if the students that you'd been teaching earlier that day were somewhere near you, possibly gone. "The candle shines brighter in a darkened room"

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