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Welcome Berf to the BT - everyone go Squee!! hahahaha

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Something wrong?


Our wonderful Lady Dragon, Tina, will spot you at some point and arrange for you to be added to our private Boards.


Then you can join the neverending Saidin Class and someone can kill train you in a One Power Battle.


If you would like to improve you people reading skills, we have a couple of Games starting eventually. A Hunger Game and a Mafia Game. Of course you would have to be VERY plotty to want to play such things.

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*looks at her babies eating the brownie vomit* Bad trollocs! I have already fed you this week. Didn´t I? 



Oh, hi there! Welcome to the madhouse. Enjoy yourself while the taint slowly starts messing with your head. You will soon get access to our hidden boards. Tell us all about yourself. Who is your favourite asha´man? What shoe size do you have? Where are your keys? Where we once in a cult together, or is that just a memory I have been given by aliens?

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Welcome Burner...ehhh...don't think we have met yet, after the projectile vomiting, I'll keep my distance for the time being. 


I explode if I squeee...so best I don't..


Welcome and have some brownies (tainted of course) they will help take the taste away...




and have some chocolate covered bacon....



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