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Did I read this right? Brid??

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*flyingtacklehugs Kat again*  *smooches Horn*  *waves at Christine*


DJ is good.  I don't know if he'll come back, but I can try to convince him.  LOL  We're doing great, we have an 8 month old son now named Michael and he's the greatest thing that has ever happened to us.  :) 


I'm blushing now Horn, you were thinking about lil' ol me?  LOL  I really have missed you guys!!!  I can't promise I'll be around a lot between work and being a mom, but I will pop in when I can. 


*huggles again to both*  So how are you two doing?

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I'm doing good. I'm married and have a 14 month old little girl named Jayna.. She's a complete mess. Spoiled rotten lol. just wait they just keep getting more and more fun. *sighs* And exhausting lol. 


Me and manny were talking a while back about you two. I was asking him if he ever talked to ya'll any more... unfortunately so much has happened since then i really don't even remember what he said. lol Glad everything's going good though! Tell DJ I said howdy! I miss having ya'll around. 

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Well, welcome back! It seems a few of us are in similar circumstances. My 7-month-old is crawling into the off-limits dining room as I type! At least until Mommy just stole him away and walked towards the crib. Unlike Kat, though, I don't spoil him rotten! While my wife will get teary-eyed, and sternly tell him to stop pretending to be upset! (I kid, I kid... sometimes.)

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Wow!!  Congrats to both of you on your marriages and kiddos!!  Michael hasn't started crawling yet, but he's on his way.  He's sleeping on DJ right now though.  :)


So you're not going to tell me why you were thinking about me?  LOL!!!


Anyone besides you two, Jea and Dice around that I'd remember?  It's been so long now.

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Yep, I'm still around - and now in charge.....that's not scary at all right?  I also got married but don't have any wee little ones running around (not for several years we hope, wanna get settled in life first if possible). Before getting married, I went off to Spain for four months and LOVED it!! I cannot WAIT to go back someday!! Umm....graduated college, gonna teach English in a high school as soon as I find a job. I have a job in an elementary school right now but it's definitely not my cup of tea for the rest of my life lol


Goodness - lots has happened to me, hasn't it? *shrugs and hugs Brid* Nonetheless, I love seeing oldies come back! :biggrin:especially now that I'm in charge and Corki's not it seems lots of the oldies have come back....interesting?

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*huggles Jea*  Congrats on your marriage Jea!!  :)  And for becoming MG and graduating as well.  I'm very jealous of your trip to Spain, I haven't been to Europe since I was a kid and can't wait to go back.  I teach at the college I graduated from and I swear at times I feel like I'm teaching elementary school kids!!!  LOL 


Like I said, I'll pop in as much as I can, but can't promise anything.  :wink:

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