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  1. OH Elgee, Im so so sorry for your loss, keeping you all in my prayers
  2. LG, so sorry to hear this cancer sucks! sending good thoughts and vibes your and your families way.
  3. the second one was to dublin in the rare old times right??? [that's] class!
  4. Dia Dhuit, failte go dragonmount!!!!
  5. *Snuggletackles May.* Haven't seen you in forever!

  6. Leigh watch as the Aes Sedai poured two cups of tea, and handed one to her. She relaxed at the smile from Larindhra.....Sedai?? She thought that’s how you said it? Leigh watch with delight as the Aes Sedai took cookies! And a strange looking jewel from a drawer. “Help yourself to that, child.” Leigh needed no more encouragement then that, and tucked in while talking about her journey with her farther to Tar Valon. “Before we go any further, I would like to do a quick test.” Leigh nearly choked on her cookie, she didn’t know there was to be a test. Leigh hadn’t been in sc
  7. The Irish will inherrit(sp) the earth!! ;D
  8. heya hunny like the ladies said I'm Irish im 20 I'm from dublin but just moved to killdare with my maandda!! Welcome to dragonmount its a great place where i know youll meet lita cool people like I have if ya have any questions or jussst want to chat my pm box is allways open!!
  9. “Welcome to the White Tower, Leighandrin. Sit down, child, and tell me who told you to come here. Were you tested at all?” Lieghandrin walked towards the woman, and sat down, where to start she thought. “Em, well, my betroth, well the man my parents told me I was going to marry, Markus. He was the merchants’ son, who we buy our dyes off, He told us that I had to come here, that I had to be an Aes Sedai.” Saying Markus’ name made Liehandrin feel strangely warm, but she didn’t know why. Lieghandrin put her hand to her cheek for a moment, until she realized she had been quiet for a
  10. After her father left, Leigh made her way into the white tower. As she looked around she was in awe - she had never seen a place so beautiful. There were plenty of people milling about, from highborn ladies to rag wearing children. Leigh saw some women whom she thought might be these Aes Sedai that Markus had told her about. They had an air of sophistication and mystery about them - they looked so dignified. I can never be like that, I’m just a tailor’s daughter, she thought to herself. Leigh also saw a lot of young girls scurrying around in white and colour banded dresses. Must be some kind
  11. theres my big brothers!!! hum dont think ive ever posted with u in a DM thread wardero' mine!
  12. Hi from dublin!! lol hey hun im May i live in dublin how are ya??
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