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BlueCon 2012 - Blue's Clue


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Hi and welcome to Blue's Clue :biggrin: 


Remember that game where you move your character around the board, guessing in rooms, trying to figure out who was responsible for murder? Well this is it, just cooler and WoT themed. Rand al'Thor has been captured and taken to an unknown location. Your job as an aspiring detective is to figure out who took him, where they took him to, and what weapon they used.


Six witnesses were present when it happened. While none of them know who did it, they all have information that can narrow down your search. You must question them to find the answers you seek.



How to Play


1. Anyone can join in the game at any point. You don’t need to sign up. Just start guessing and I'll add you to the list of players.

2. Every day you will be able to question each of the Witnesses and ask them in the Game Thread if they saw a certain suspect, weapon and where they said they were taking him. For example:

Witness - Egwene: Was it Elaida, with the Ruby Dagger – and is she taking him to the Black Tower?

The Game Mods (Kronos and I) will reply in the Thread with either ‘Card Shown’ or ‘Card Not Shown’ for your question. For example:

Witness: Card Shown

If a card is shown, you will also get a reply via PM telling you what card you have been shown. You can then cross this option off your list of whos, hows and wheres. 

You will only ever get shown one card at a time, even if the Witness holds more than one of your suggested cards. This means you will get an awful lot of 'maybe' results to start off. 

You can question each of the witnesses each day(ish) - that means six questions per day are allowed.

You can not ask another question until your previous one has been answered. You must also wait for at least one another person (other than the Mods) to have questioned a Witness before you can ask another question, so no double guesses.

If you question more than one witness at a time, you will only get the results for the first one - the others will be marked as INVALID. This will also occur if you attempt a double quess. 

3. Once you think you have found the correct solution, you can make an Official Accusation

Please don’t do this in the Game Thread, as it will ruin the game for the other players.

Official Accusations should be made using the Game PM that you will have been receiving your card information on. If you are correct, you will be advised in the PM and in the Game Thread. 

Be careful though, if you make an incorrect Official Accusation, you will be OUT OF THE GAME.

4. General Chit Chat in the Game Thread is allowed and encouraged. 

5. Please post your witness questions in Blue and Bold.

6. Don't tell other people what cards you have been shown.

7. This is NOT a Mafia Game. Play nice.

And that's all there is to it :biggrin:


Feel free to ask for clarification of anything in the Game Thread and GOOD LUCK!

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:tongue: Next year someone else is gonna have to host it cuz I wanna play :P

We should make it a requirement of whoever is our latest member lol.



Haha agreed XD


And ooh yah true. Will add names :nods:

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