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"Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth"



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  1. 1. Do you talk about your problems more on DM than in real life?

    • Yes
    • No

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I said no because there is a lot of things about my religion and about my lifestyle that if I told them on here, no one would want to go near me and there might be legal issues as well. I have told a couple friends on here who I absolutely, absolutely trust about such things, just to see how outsiders would think about it because it is seen as normal where I live, but I would not share it to the whole DM world.

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Well, DM and my real life find themselves intertwined a lot... :dry: @ Edward.


In general, I don't talk about problems I have/had in RL or on DM. Everyone has problems and for every person that thinks their problems are oh-so-terrible, there are 5 people whose mouths are closed but have 10-times as much muck to deal with. That's just how it is. Obviously, I talk about my problems to some people (like Ed, who is also affected by any problems I face) but I'm not going to go blathering on and on about them on DM. This is partly because there are people worse off than me, partly because it's no one's business, and partly because I'd rather not upstage anyone's carefully crafted soapbox.


And I'll third what Ithi said, DM is for fun.

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it's also a world full of real people. sometimes you care about them. sometimes it's not about fun but about people.


depends, like in any other situation.


there through the good times and the bad times.


I would say that if they are people you truly care about, then you are interacting with them outside of DM. (I mean that as a general "you," not you specifically, Cindy.) In which case, that encroaches on being more RL than DM.


Like, Ed and I...our relationship is not a DM thing. Sure, we joke around on DM some, but 99% of our communication (including face-to-face interaction when the Army didn't have us in two directions) has always been outside of DM - it is RL.

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Of course, I say all of this because I have a full-fledged life outside of DM and my opinions probably only apply to those like me. If I had nowhere else where people would talk to me, I probably would stay on DM even if it wasn't fun. But, because I have a great life that exists beyond this fiction-like place, I have the option of leaving whenever it is no longer amusing or fun to me. That's just how it is for me and I imagine it's like that for other like-minded individuals. We're here for the cake. When the cake's gone, so are we.

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