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Midnight Cravings (Points could be in it for you!)


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Well, as fortune would have it......I have points to hand out and three days by which to

do so without the possibilty of rollover pointses.


So, I says to myself, "Self, what ever shall we do? We need to find something creative and

something fun that could draw unsuspecting people in....I just need to focus.....focus......"


And then, I got hungry but I looked over at the clock and it was 1AM. I said, "Man, I sure

could go for a nice spicy..WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! I think I have a thought....then yet more thoughts are

appearing.." and this segwayed and into greater thoughts still until......until I....finally had an IDEA for how to

award these points for the very first time I've been able to award them!


I would like for you to post a picture of your favorite midnight snack or 24 hour place you visit to satisfy a late

night craving. If it's a place...post photo and/or online presence (FB/website) or take a snapshot of one of your

creations made to quench that late night calling. Best one gets the best points. :P


Make your craving finally pay you back! Enjoy and begin!

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Midnight cravings, eh?


Right now, the only thing I've been craving is a sandwich shop in Kalamazoo, MI called Kazoopy's. I've been craving it off and on for a year now. But...I live in Miami, FL.

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