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Thanks toto RJ Forfor A Great Series!


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I am fairly new to this. I have to say, I am glad that I waited until last year to start reading the whole series. Don't know how anyone did it, having to wait a couple of years for the next book. I was told about it years ago, but never got into it. When I stated with EOTW, I was hooked, though and have read it twice, now, in anticipation of AMOL. Will start listening to the books on CD now.

One of the things about WOT that I like is the fact that it inspired me to write, and come up with my own world. Did not realize how much I enjoyed writing until then. Don't know that my writing will ever get published and don't care. Has anyone else been inspired to write?

Thanks to RJ for writing an enjoyable series and to BS for finishing it!

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Welcome to DM! I am more of a math so not as much. If you want to discuss theories, you can go to the general wheel of time discussion boards and if you want to play mafia or have real life discussions and debates, you can go to the general discussion. There are some great social groups where you can have a lot of fun and meet new people like the Black Tower, and you can also RP if you wish. You can ask me any questions you have, hope you like it here!

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Well, Katiora doesn't bite.


I might. :biggrin:


But I'll second Rand's suggestion to check out the Social Community section of the site. The Social Groups are a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people, and you can join as many as interest you. It took me far too long to give that section of the site a look, and I regret missing out. :smile:

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