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  1. I think what gets to me is when the charactors just assume things, instead of finding out the truth. That happens a lot in the beginning of the books.
  2. Without a doubt, the cleansing of saidin. Looking forward to how the last battle turns out!
  3. There is a small town that I pass on the way to a bigger town, that has a restaraunt named "Dos Rios." I always think about the WOT when I see that.
  4. I wouldn't give up anything. Been waiting this long for the end of the series. What's a few more months?
  5. I would say Morgase and Tallanvor. Morgase doesn't seem to know what she wants. At least Talanvor showed respect to Morgsae, as was indicated above. Next would be Egwene and Gawyn. Egwene is so full of herself. I found myself rootin' for Gawyn. And it is too bad that Gawyn was near death for Egwene to finally bond him.
  6. Yes. Thank you, Brandon for finishing the WOT series. Soooo looking forward to the last book! You have done a fine job.
  7. I am fairly new to this. I have to say, I am glad that I waited until last year to start reading the whole series. Don't know how anyone did it, having to wait a couple of years for the next book. I was told about it years ago, but never got into it. When I stated with EOTW, I was hooked, though and have read it twice, now, in anticipation of AMOL. Will start listening to the books on CD now. One of the things about WOT that I like is the fact that it inspired me to write, and come up with my own world. Did not realize how much I enjoyed writing until then. Don't know that my writing will ever get published and don't care. Has anyone else been inspired to write? Thanks to RJ for writing an enjoyable series and to BS for finishing it!
  8. Lanfear. She went from haughty to pleading for help. Maybe she'll be rescued, and turn to the light in AMOL. Can't wait to read the last book!
  9. I have read the Wheel of Time series twice and enjoyed it just as well the second time around as I did the first.
  10. I don't dislike BS writing of the last books of twot. I am sure that he is doing his best to stay true to RJ. My first impression of the first book he wrote-tgs -on my first time reading it , I am not fond of how he wrote Mat's charactor. You can definitely see the change in his charactor. I do like how Rand changes, though. So. It would cettainly have neen better if RJ could have finished his own work. Considering the immensity of twot, I think BS is doing a fair job of it. Looking forward to Amol!
  11. 38-female My favorite charactors are Nynaeve, Cadsuane, Mat. Nynaeve- She's fiesty and her charactor grows and she cares Cadsuane- just wants to make sure Rand makes is to TG Mat- He is a fun charactor Don't know that I really dislike any charactors. Elaida, Elayne, and Egwene are just annoying at times.
  12. From wot, Nynaeve. She helped Rand cleanse saidin. And she figured out how to cleanse the taint that saidin put in men's mind. From another series? Rapsody from the Rapsody trilogy. She can sing...
  13. I DO'NT HATE Egwene either. I like what she does some of the time. She needs to ally herself and the AS with Rand and not try to bully him to do what SHE thinks is best. Good leaders lead by example and I think she is on her way to doing that.
  14. I don't think book 4 drops off. There are definitely a LOT of characters to have to keep up with, but Jordan's Wheel of Time World is large. I read on looking forward to how it ends. Yes, some books are better than others. But, all the books as a whole tell one big, awesome story. Heather
  15. I am also new. New to Dragonmount, that is. I'm on my second read through, and will probably read through a third time before A Memory of Light.
  16. I am new to this. Been a fan of the Wheel of Time series for a year now and am halfway through my second read through. Will probably read though it a third time before the most anticapated last book.

  17. My favorite charactor is Nynaeve. You can see her growing in maturity throughout all of the books
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