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Figured it was about time I made an account.


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How's it going everyone? Names Mike, you can call me that or Deviant, whichever you prefer. I've lurked these boards a few times while on a WOT kick and thought that, this time, it might be nice to be able to join in on some of the conversations. I haven't been reading WOT very long in comparison with some of you (only 4 years) and I'm currently only on my second read of the series. I'll probably catch flack for this but I was turned on to the series during a fit of "post Potter depression" in 2008, so if there are any other Harry Potter fans here we'd probably get along.


Anyway, I just thought I'd introduce myself. If anyone wants to know something just ask.


PS. I hate hate HATE Egwene. lol

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:laugh: Welcome to Dragonmount, Mike! Glad you finally decided to join in!


Pretty sure you'll find other Harry Potter fans around here -- and just about anything else you like while you're at it.


So you hate Egwene... which are your favorite characters? Any particular favorite scenes?


While you're poking around the site, I wanted to make sure you didn't miss the Social Community section - it took me about a year after I joined to explore that area of the site, and I feel like I missed out on a lot of fun and some good friends. Each of the Social Groups has a bit of a different focus and a different feel to it, and you're welcome to join as many as you like. I'm personally in the Black Tower, where spam, insanity, brownies, games, Star Wars references, and bacon are everywhere you look. Especially the spam!


The General Discussion in the Social Community section is also great for discussion of other books, movies, games, political debates, sports, and whatever else strikes your fancy. And mafia games. Because mafia is awesome. I dare anyone to disagree.


If you have any questions, feel free to let us know - there are a bunch of helpful sorts who will poke in here and be happy to answer anything you want. And Dice will most likely be along shortly to pick on me, because he does that. I think it's his job. :wink:

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Thanks, Songstress.


Yeah, Egwene just gets on my nerves with how she constantly thinks she knows better than everyone even though half the time she has no damn clue. My favorite character by far is Mat. I also like Thom, Moiraine, Logain, Nynaeve (though she gets on my nerves sometimes too), Talmanes and Min.


Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check that out.




Nice to meet you too, Arez. Nope, she's not ok, I hope she dies in Tarmon Gai'don lol. Though that is probably too much to ask for seeing as how she is about as lucky as a person can get without being Mat.

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begins recruiting speech for the Band of the Red Hand


Dreamt of being a Bannerman for the most awesome army this side of the AOL???


Want to ride wonderful Warhorses as you chase down and slay your enemies??


Or perhaps pikes are your weapon of choice?


Mayhaps you like to kill at a distance so you dont get blood on your Crest??


If so the Band is for you mike!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are currently reorganising and revitalizing a bit which gives you the chance to get in on the ground level and give your ideas!


ends recruiting spiel


Hi Mike im Dice!! grins at tress "she knows me well!" Im a member of the BT the wolfkin the ogiers and of course the BAND!!


Ask any question of us that you will by this thread around the boards or by PM! but mostly make sure you jump right in and have some fun!



BTW HP...we talking books or movies?? cause i LOVED the books but the movies p me off!! If your a HP fan maybe you wanna have a look at either fanfiction.net or fictionalley.org. Some of the fanfictions especially for HP are FANTASTIC!! if u want suggestion send me a pm!

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Hey, Dice. Nice to meet you. I'll take a look at the band at some point. Right now I'm just kinda wikiing a bunch of stuff I had forgotten about the series so I don't sound like a jackass when I start jumping into some convos.


And yes, I am talking about the books. The movies sucked. Horribly. I've probably read just about every good fanfic there is. I've been reading them since the gap between GoF and OoTP lol. I don't think I've ever been to fictionalley though, I'll have to check that out. You've probably already heard of it but Harrypotterfanfiction.com is also a pretty good site for HPffs.

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We interrupt this thread for a short commercial break.


The Blue Ajah's HP Week will be held from July 25-31 so all HP fans should head to the WT during that time to participate!


We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread. :biggrin:


As for the book vs movie debate, definitely definitely the BOOKS!


Hi Mike! I'm Daruya, Head of the Blue Ajah on the SG side. We used to be known as the Harry Potter Ajah but we've since branched out to include all fantasy, although we do continue our annual tradition of HP Week at the end of July in honor of Harry (and J.K. Rowling's) birthdays . . . not to mention mine. :laugh: We 3 (J.K., Harry, and I) are July 31 babies. :biggrin: I should probably mention that one of our members is a huge Voldemort supporter but we've managed to keep her from crucio'ing or A.K.'ing most visitors. :biggrin:


Anyway, welcome to DM! I have no doubt you'll enjoy your time here, whether on the theory or general discussion boards or on the social or roleplaying side (or all of the above! LOL!).

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