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Hello! I'm new!!!

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Hi everyone!I'm new to the forum!! I once bought a box filled with old books and in it, I found the great hunt, which is the 2nd book in the series!! I am only on page 15 right now, and I don't understand some parts that well, yet because I never read the first book. Its a REALLY Cool! book and I am totally hooked on.:wub: There are just a few questions I want to ask you about the wheel of time!! :flamingsword: :wheel:


Do you think I should stop reading the 2nd book and read the first book? Or do you think I should finish the 2nd book and move on to the 3rd book? Or do you think I should read the 1st book after the 2nd book? Or do you think I should read the books in the mixed up order that I find them, which is how I read many old series as they are hard to find.


secondly, Do people still use this forum?


Is the authour still alive?

Are there only 10 books in the series?Did he write more books that aren't in this series?

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Hi Frypania! Welcome to Dragonmount!


It's up to you if you want to stop now and pick up Book 1 - it will probably help you understand Book 2 a lot better if you do, though. Since you're not very far into it, if you are able to find Book 1, it'd probably be a good idea. I'd definitely recommend reading Book 1 before moving on to Book 3. I'd recommend trying to pick them up in order -- the plot lines continue from one book to another for the most part, so if you read them out of order much of the story won't make sense.


People still use this forum OFTEN! The original author Robert Jordan passed away in 2007, but he left extensive notes on how the series was to end and fantasy author Brandon Sanderson was selected to finish writing the series. Thirteen books (plus a prequel written by Robert Jordan) have been released at this time, with the final book due to be released in January of 2013. There's a lot more reading to be done in this series.


Robert Jordan also wrote several books in the 80's for the Conan the Barbarian series, and a few other books under a different pseudonym. You can find more information in his Wikipedia entry here.


Take a look around Dragonmount while you're here, and let us know if you have any questions! We're glad you've found us.

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Hello! Firstly, welcome to DM! This is a pretty active site and I am sure that you will find all you ever want to know about the series here. Secondly, Robert Jordan's works are wonderful and we all love them very much. The Great Hunt is a fantastic book (one of my favorites :rolleyes: ) but I would advise you to read the first before continuing past the second book if you want to even finish it. The series can be difficult because of its breadth but is totally worth it, and you can find the first book called The Eye of The World at most bookstores.


There are a total of thirteen books in the series at the moment with the fourteenth and final chapter due to come out on January 8, 2013. I am positive that you will enjoy all of them! Robert Jordan also wrote a couple of related novels titled New Spring and The Strike at Shayol Ghul, but to fully appreciate them I would advise reading at least to the eleventh book first. Sadly, the wonderful RJ passed away in 2007, but in his absence he left many notes and so his series is being completely by Brandon Sanderson, who is doing his best (which is very good indeed) to give the series it's full and due respect and effort. All thirteen of the books are wonderful, as I am sure the fourteenth will be and I promise that reading them will not be a mistake.


In any case, welcome to DM once more and I hope you love it here!



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Welcome to DM!


Same advice from me. Read the first book. I would say read the first book before continuing the second book. You can understand things in the second book but later you may have problems when the characters reflect on their past lives. Eye of the World would give more insight to the characters.


I think this forum is sometimes too active. Once I can't log in because too many people were already loggged in. At least that was the message displayed.


Roam around, enjoy your time here.

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Hi and welcome to DM!! :) Glad to see you're already so excited about WoT :D


Actually my WoT reading started by reading the second half of EoTW (in my country all the books are split into two or three parts) because the library didn't have the first. It still hasn't. There I continued to Great Hunt and so on. It is a bit difficult to understand not reading the beginning, for there are so many characters. So if you have the possibility to read EoTW first, then I advice that too. But if you haven't, no need to panic. It can be harder so, but I know I survived that too :P


I wouldn't advice going to the WoT discussion board yet, unless you like spoilers, because it's full of them. Structured discussion not so badly, but be careful anyway!


Feel free to ask if you've got any other questions :) I hope you'll like it here!!

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I kinda disagree with this lot actually but thats cause i found book 3 first and then had to hunt for the first 2. So it can be done.


But the thing is that book 1 has a lot of character development in it so u end up being able to feel the characters more and probly start having favs after book 1. Also if you see a book called NEW SPRING buy it but DO NOT read it until youve read up to book 6 or 7. It is a prequel and wont make a lot of sense til then


AS for fun theres really something for everyone here if you like Roleplays theres a whole section for that. If your more of a social animal theres the Social Orgs which are based on Groups from the books. And theres the discussion threads.


I suggest you stay out of there unless you like Spoilers. Its full of theories and discussion of what has happened in ALL the books so far.

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