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It's the End of the Month, you have points, and I am here to take them!


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Alright, kids and kittens! You have points, and I wants them!







For Mistress Lily, a new dagger!






For mistress Nyna, a new diamond corset!







And, for Verbal, a new litter box!







Would anyone else like a present?



Or, perhaps, would you prefer a presentation?




*smiles wickedly and reaches between her bosom and pulls out a small thin dagger, before turning quickly and throwing it through the throat of a nearby servant*



So, ladies and gents, boys and girls. What can I do to please you?

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Psh, please. I'm too cool for that.




Amuse you? Ok then...



*disappears behind a curtain and comes out with a wheelbarrow that contains a tied up and gagged Ed*



*sets up a fire and places Ed over it, like roasting a pig over a spit, and ungags him*



Sing, Ed. Sing for your freedom. Amuse the man and help me get points.

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Arez, while we are in Shayol Ghul, I am not Christine Sedai. Just as at the White Tower, I am not Mommy Chrissy / Mistress of Pups.



Here, I am the Point Whore Darkfriend, member of the Dreadlord Faction, and all around BAMF.




And, you cannot have a sword. You have no points to give me. And I want points.



*takes away all swords from Arez*

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*Glaring directly at Rey, Christine reaches over to a nearby guard and grabs the hilt of the sword at his waist. As the man moves to stop her, she gives him a death glance, and then slides her dagger across his throat. As the guard crumbles to the floor, she turns back to Rey. Leveling the sword, she stares at the poor fool.*



Watch what you say about the Dreadlords, child.



*takes two steps forward and beheads Rey with the sword, before daintily returning the sword to the guard she got it from*




Can I get a clean up in here please? I don't want the filth to make the room stink. And, while you're at it, someone come and get this guard as well.

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