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I'm fifteen years old and a freshman in high school, and an avid fan of the book series. While I've contemplated joining a number of times, I've been too terrified to look around the site in fear of spoilers. However, as no one that I know my age reads these books, I've joined the forums looking to meet others who also love the books in the hopes of having some great discussions.


At the moment I'm on Book Eleven: Knife of Dreams. I'd have to say Rand is my favorite character, though I dislike how stone-cold he is at the moment. The Aiel are my favorite people by far, and Aviendha may be my second favorite character. I run cross country and have an attraction to physically and mentally strenuos work as well as a bit of a distaste for luxury (I just wear clothes I feel are comfortable and eat bread plain), and I am inspired by the Aiel and their survival in the three-fold land (they can outrun horses and don't smell of fear after getting their arms chopped off).


I just finished reading what may be my favorite chapter so far, "Honey in the Tea", which is an extensive chapter describing the first stages of Egwene's war on the White Tower from the inside. I find all of it truly amazing and vastly interesting.


I look forward to getting to know everyone here, but again if this book is spoiled for me that would dishearten me. I'll feel more comfortable once I've read all of what has been published so far, but that is probably a ways off as the novels are so extensive.


All the best to you,



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It was a pleasure to read your beautifully written intro, Perfexionist :biggrin:


If you wish to avoid spoilers, you might want to stick the Structured WoT Discussion boards for now - anywhere else you are likely to run smack bang into one, I'm afraid. You're more than welcome to hang out at the Social Side or join up at the Role Playing side, though. My suggestion would be to read really really fast hehehe.

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Welcome to DM! :biggrin:


But surely you want to know the secret behind Bela?? :tongue:


Silliness aside, I do hope you enjoy yourself here! I have to disagree with you over Rand - he is probably my most disliked major character in the series. And do pop by the Campfires of the Band of the Red Hand Social Group!


*waves his :bandredhand: banner all over the place*

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The secret behind Bela? The Creator desguised as a horse? :D


It's all good you don't like Rand, glad to hear your opinion maybe we can discuss it more sometime. And I'm guessing you like Mat, who I really like too, and yeah I'll try to get to know the social groups around here.


Ryrin, thanks for the welcome, glad you're loving WoT!

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In answer to your question, I'm 15 years old (maybe numerals are more visible :P). While I'm a guy, I'd have to say I'm most like Egwene. I am interested by school, I have a good work ethic, and she reacts to events in a certain way (mostly thought process) that is similar to me.


I also think I resemble Perrin's personality, maybe even more than Egwene's, because I don't like to think too fast, am very honest and generally supportive, and like to be straightforward and can be confused by the "politics" between people. The reason I didn't associate with being most like him earlier is because I am short of stature and lack the raw physical strength he has. In addition, his main motive is Faile, and being 15 I can't fully understand what that's like.


Kukaso, that is an interesting take on the matter. I know a few people who have done that with other series, but that is not my style. :)


My least favorite character... ooh, that's a hard one. Even the characters I don't necessarily like are interesting or amusing (Valan Luca?). After thinking for a minute, I'm going with Sevanna. She is corrupt and simply crazy, and violates all law and custom to seek her own goals (she takes wetlanders Gai'shain and acts like a Wise One). Not to mention the fact that she has brought about the death of so many Aiel, and split their unity behind the Dragon Reborn at the doorstep of Tarmon Gai'don. I can't think of anyone else at the moment "less favorite" than Sevanna.


What do you guys think about those questions?

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Welcome to DM, Perfexionist! smile.gif

Hate to repeat somebody else, but have to say, that it's nice to read your poststongue.gif



I love to get asked back! My least favourite is probably the Valan Luca, but yeah... I hate Sevanna as well. About the other question, I'm probably like Egwene the most (I don't get why so many people hate her). But I have to admit, that sometimes I can be a little coward, like Moghedien tongue.gif


Who is your favourite Forsaken? sammy.gif


Feel free to ask if you've got any questions!


I hope you will like it here!! biggrin.gif


*a mysterious low voice whispering from nowhere*


Come, come... join a social group or two.... and RP too....

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Favorite Forsaken? That's a tough one, as I don't really follow the Forsaken too much. :D


I'd have to say Moridin (I think that's how you spell it and I think he is a Forsaken...) I like how he is a strategist. I've always been interested in strategy games, and the the mental skill it takes to be good at them. As far as Forsaken go, he seems clear-headed enough. But then again, he seems to be a fool for accessing the True Power as much as he does. I still have yet to see how all the Forsaken play out.


I'd love to hear the opinions of others on this, too.

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I can't remember least favourite caracter myself :laugh: There are a lot of caracters I don't want to meet in RL but they are so funny to read about :happy:

But everybody seems to dislike some caracters.


From the main caracters I don't like Perrin very much because he is boring :sleep:

But he would be a good person to meet in RL I think.


And my favourite is Nynaeve :wub: and Lan :wub:

I think I associate myself with Nynaeve. Half the features she has I have also and the other half I don't have but want to have :rolleyes:

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