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Other Social Groups?


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Are the ones listed the only Social Groups? I don't really see one that I fit. The Shayol Ghul one is close, but it doesnt seem like a truely evil Group. I also see one based around Perrin, but not about Mat. I'd be more fit to a Mat Social group of vagabond gamblers, or perhaps a Dark Friends/Forsaken group. Or am I wrong about Shayol Ghul? I'd like to represent either the antagonist or the gambler.


No White Knights, shiny shields, or billowing cloaks for me. Unless that cloak is made from the skins of puppies, dead heros, Sarah Palin, and Nickleback.


Any ideas for a new faction?

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best way to choose is to go to their public boards and read soem of the posts. most SG's have a pnned threzad which describes with their groups is about. the Groups are more like little communitys rather than fitting the mold the characters from teh WoT created.



take the Ogier for instance, alot of their discussions surround archutecture and books; while the Wolfkin gravitate more towards Nature and food. instead of deciding for a character, you need to see what your personal interest are and choose from those.


if you like writing and drawing, then the ACW Guild would be a good place to go. the Groups are less about the characters and more about being an online community and congregating with people who have like interests.

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Wouldn't the Band be a Mat based Social Group?


The Band is in fact a Mat-based group. Mat founded the band in the books, after all.


I see. Thank you. I saw The Band and then something about music and travel, and I for some reason was thinking it was based on the Tinkers.

Instead of music and travel can we talk about river-boat gambling, and "ladies without morals."

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Of course. Of course. That's why I phrased it "ladies without morals." I'm kidding anyway. I literally skimmed right over The Band thinking it was about the Tinkers. I forgot Mat called them the band. But I dont think he meant it as a musical band, did he? Didnt he mean it as a Band of Soldiers. Or are they just playing on the word? I'll look into it. Thanks.

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I believe the reason the Band has music as a theme is because they often sing and compose verses of Jak o' the Shadows. The themes of SOcial Groups are often loosely related to the books, because, as Red pointed out, the Social Groups are less about being like the WOT version of those groups and more about common interests and community. Also, the themes are more prominent in some Social Groups, as opposed to others.

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