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  1. Wow. What can I say. I'm not good at being able to convey what I'm feeling, but I'd like to try. Let me start by saying that I have NOT read AMoL, just yet. I've had some health issues, and I've just been able to get back around to catching up on certain hobbies. The fact that I HAVEN'T yet read the book is where my heart is, at the moment. I just wanted to say that WoT has been some part of my life for 20+ years now. I started reading it as an early teenager. And last year, when this last installment that would finally wrap up our great story was set to finally come out, I wasn't real
  2. The covers are bad. Plain bad. Especially to those who haven't read the series. In fact., to those who HAVEN'T read the series, those covers are atrocious and like book repellent. I think our immense fondness of the series both helps us deal with the covers, and in some cases even endear them to us. In fact I'm thinking with some sick ass covers it might have even found more success. Not that it needs it. Which is probably the point for the crappy covers in the first place. He knew it wouldn't matter.
  3. . . . I thought you said you finished it? Rand's getting crazier and crazier from the pressures of his role and everything else around him, and then when he's offered and uses the True Power that adds another level of evil inside of him, and things get worse and worse, and he gets harder and harder. This has all been building since book 2. And if you finished TGS, which you said you did, then you should know what happened... He said in the first post he is about a third done. And then he said in his last post, the one I quoted from: So he finished it. You're r
  4. Holy Shit. I quoted those of you that mentioned book 12 as fav. DAMN. YOU. ARE. RIGHT. I was about half way thru last night, but I finished it. I couldnt put it down. I mean it was already HELLA good. I even posted a thread JUST on how good Book 12 was going. But DAMN. It's really really good. I'd probably have to change my choice to Book 12 at this point, but I'll also concede the fact that having just finished it, along with the fact that I read so many of them SOO long ago MIGHT factor in my decision. But I'll also have to say that the choice is very hard, and they are all soo good that
  5. If someone wants to move it? Sure, why not. Yeah, I remember being surprised as hell from Taim's actions in that last scene. It HAD been a LONG time sinse Id read the previous books, and I just finished Book 11 last month, and I just for some reason sort of remember Taim being one of Rands GOOD Asha'men. Damn was I wrong. It shows how much into WoT we are/I am, because I was actually upset that Taim is giving off a negative outlook on the Black Tower. I was all hoping they'd show the Aes Sedai how GOOD they were, and really badass at the same time. Im only half way thru book 12
  6. Not many responses, which is fine, but not many have participated in the poll, either. If you can, please choose one real quick. I'm very interested in the outcome. I find it very hard to choose, actually, and I finally went with The Shadow Rising, but only AFTER I had added a 13th option: "Too hard to choose." Then backed off from that because that doesnt really answer my curiosity. So assume you're forced to choose one of the first 12(Ive only read to about half thru book 12) please. Only takes the flick of your mouse. EDIT: Also i'd be EXTREMELY interested in having anyone that vote
  7. I'm about a third into Book 12: Gathering Storm and I havent been able to put it down from start to finish. Its, IMO, much better than Book 11, which Ive just finished, and seems to be one of the best. And to be honest, I'm not sure why. Oh well. What do you guys think? And Im not comparing these books on their writing styles by any means. In fact Im totally taking that OUT of the equation. I'm just going solely on whats actually happening in the story. Maybe part of it is because the whole rescuing Faile thing is over, which SUCKED. But things finally seem to be drawing together. Pap
  8. "Join me on the dark side."

    But bring a flash light.

  9. Here's the scoop. I read The Eye of the World, probably in 1994 maybe? Hell it was sometime in between 1993 and 1996. Anyway, Im not sure when I read the rest but I read the rest of the ones that had been finished over the next couple years. I then read each new book as it came out, when it came out. Not sure why, MARRIAGE KIDS JOBS LIFE, whatever. I stopped at book 10 I guess 5 years ago MAYBE. Just read book 11. And its great of course. I had forgotten just how great. Nothing unusual. At this point, after having been reading many other fantasy authors, I have Jordan pegged as best author EVE
  10. I'll add something of my own that I'm not liking about Book 11, Knife of Dreams. Perhaps it doesnt cover the entire series, but its fresh in my mind having just read it. I've just read the part where Rand has had his hand blown off by Sermihage. These scenes where two or more powerful characters confront each other, are definately some of my favorites. And it doesnt always have to be actual violence or battle. But many types of confrontations. And given that Jordan describes everything with great patience, and even greater detail, I was surprised, and annoyed, at how short this scene was.
  11. Yeah I see what you're saying, now. You're saying you want your hero to be a more likable , nice guy. Nothing wrong with that. It's just that, and I think many would agree, the Tanis type Hero is what a hero was for us when we all started reading the genre. He's like the first stepping stone for Heros. Tanis for me, was what a hero should be when I was a teenager. And I'm NOT saying that is your case. In fact it speaks to your own character in life to be able to value a guy like Tanis. And I enjoy books with such heros as well. But I also like the twist on things that Jordan used with Rand.
  12. Well answer me this. Who in real life would you say Tanis reminded you of? Do you know anyone in real life that you could so closely relate Tanis's character to as you just did with Rand? I think you actually helped make my point. Rands character, in my opinion, seems reailistic(given his unrealistic setting). You yourself said you can relate Rand to this former captain of the football team. Thats pretty much what Im saying. He's realistic, and original. Most people wouldnt name the captain of their football team as there first choice for a Hero. But Jordan chose to do so. And brilliantly
  13. Well of course if you like Tanis Half-Elven as a main character, then youre NOT gonna like Rand as a main character. Tanis is the stereotypical "good guy with honor." But in my opinion, there's way too many "Tanis Half-evlen" characters. You could swap Tanis with Aragorn from LotR. Its not Rands "likeability", I think it's his originality. I think Rand was a more likeable character in the first half of the books, but as the story progresses, he becomes more "unlikable." And this to me, is also realistic. A man having to go through what he goes through would more than likely succomb to
  14. If you want to, take a look at my thread on Rand and Moridin--it covers the sickness, and hasn't been updated since KoD came out so no spoilers. Where does it say in the book anywhere in books 1 thru 11 that he figures out that its Moridin? In chapter Vows from book 11, Rand sees the face again. But he only describes it as the man from Shadar Logoth. He hasnt mentioned anywhere the name Moridin. Anytime he sees the face so far he only calls it the man from Shadar Logoth. In fact he goes on after seeing the face to say that he thinks it must me a Darkfiend, but not a Forsaken, because he
  15. Firstly, Cleansing the Source will prevent the symptoms of the taint from spreading, but it won't cure them. But the sickness doesn't relate to the taint. Rand hasn't touched the TP by this point, so that's something you shouldn't know. He was holding OP in that scene. Explicitly, no, but there is enough information to work it out. Well, look at it from their point of view - does it really seem that likely? This guy works out how to cleanse the Source and does so by channeling more of the OP than any human could? If he broke out the CK and channeled, it would seem rather more like
  16. LOL. You naughty little vixen! She thinks like a man! .... .... .... I approve!
  17. Do you have to get invited to the social groups from your "Introduce Yourself" post through PMs? Or do you have to post something in a particular Social Forum.
  18. Thank you. That helps clear up some of this. No I havent read the whole series. I read up to book 10. And on top of that, I read the first couple books probably over 10 years ago, maybe more. I KNOW I read the first one at least 15 years ago, but its hard to estimate when I read the others. I read them over a course of probably 10 years. I havent read any of them in probably 5 to 7 years. Hard to say. And I WANTED to re-read the first 10, but I cant wait. Ill more than likely reread them once Im done with the series(not gonna be much help helping me catch up for books 11-14 but oh well).
  19. NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE! A famous man once said, "There are no stupid threads, only stupid people unwilling to post." Or something like that. I forget if it was put exactly like that, and I also forget who said it, but I do recall that the same wise man also said, ".......!"
  20. Just a disclaimer: I'm halfway thru book 11. I just finished the part where a trolloc army attacks Rand at some village, and he and Logain and the others kill them all.(SUCH A GREAT PART. Especially sinse theres been VERY LITTLE action in this book sinse it opened with Galad killing Eamon Valda: hope I spelled those right) And I've learned my lessons about GOOGLING for answers. Several times Ive learned things that havent happened in the series yet, so please try to answer without giving too much away. Also googling for answers isnt as interesting as asking the forum. Now this chapter is
  21. LOL. Sorry. That tickled my funny bone.
  22. Yeah I see serveral have. And those are the ones confident enough in their sexuality to post. But Im just assuming there MIGHT be some men that wouldnt have posted. Just trying to help keep the ball rolling.
  23. An evil streak that COULD potentially have you end up dead? Those creepy black fleks that float across his eyes, which sooner or later, are gonna make him totally insane. Insane enough to peel your skin off, whilst keeping you alive for eternity, and use you as a coat rack? (AN EVIL COAT RACK) JUST MY TWO CENTS. ONLY BECAUSE YOU ASKED! And yes I AM being a hypocrit because I chose Graendal. But thats because I'm a man, and shes a woman. And we ALL KNOW that men have no reason to fear a woman. .. .. .. Just kidding. She would probably do worse to me than what
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