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  1. Wow. What can I say. I'm not good at being able to convey what I'm feeling, but I'd like to try. Let me start by saying that I have NOT read AMoL, just yet. I've had some health issues, and I've just been able to get back around to catching up on certain hobbies. The fact that I HAVEN'T yet read the book is where my heart is, at the moment. I just wanted to say that WoT has been some part of my life for 20+ years now. I started reading it as an early teenager. And last year, when this last installment that would finally wrap up our great story was set to finally come out, I wasn't really feeling anything but excitement. But now that It's finally here, now that the book is within hand, I'm feeling quite sad. It feels like a certain era is ending, and I almost don't want to read this book. Because then it WILL be over. We can look back on our lives, and think of certain points in time by remembering a certain movie. I can often remember how old i was when I first saw some great films, and what was going on in my life at the time. Well this extremely long collection of books dots the map of time throughout the greater part of my life. I really am sad to know that this story is finally ending. It often seemed like it would never end. I remember loving the first 4 books sooo much. I remember feelig that the story bogged down at times in the middle to later half of the books, but how it only got better as the story grew ever closer to the end. Of course I remember the sadness when the story lost it's true General, and Mr. Jordan's own great story came to an end. I remember thinking there was no way Sanderson, or anyone really, would be able to finish things when we lost our Great Captain. But I was still impressed with the story, in another authors hands. It speaks of just how great these characters were, that someone else could take up the reigns, and still we would read, still behind those characters, still backing the fight against Darkness. I was extremely impressed, indeed, especially knowing that Jordans notes would guide the rest of the story to completion. And here I am. Thinking back on the times in my life when I first read Eye of the Storm as a lanky teenager in high school. How I remember receiving the newest WoT books as wedding anniversary gifts from my wife, or on birthdays from my father. These books have been in part of my life for so long, that I can remember actually seeing the story in very differently lights as I grew much older, and as things vastly changed in my life, as I grew up. So here I sit, happy to be able to read another, new chapter in this great story, but also with infinite sadness that I know it's finally going to end. You may not know it yet, but once you get older, or as you grow older, life itself becomes a giant, nostalgic story of it's own. And you can relate the passage of time to many things important to you throughout. So take it from me. You'll begin to miss the great things in life when their own time has passed. So I guess what I'm really saying is this. I've really enjoyed reading this series. This Wheel of Time. And I'm very sad to know that it's over. And I wanted to share that with other fans before I finished the series. Before I read the last book in the story of The Wheel of Time. I hope you always find a way to overcome the Dark Times of your lives. Goodbye.
  3. Two: Son is 11. Daughter is 12.
  4. *shrugs* These competitions are just a contest of what book has the most fans anyway. 99% of the voters will vote for any character they recognize, regardless of what character is actually better, which is the reason why WoT and ASOIAF characters do so well in it every year. I guess its fair. Quick Ben, another Malazan, won last year. Beating Vin from Mistborn in the finals. They didnt want Malazan to win two years running. But they also shouldnt have even entered Rake into the battle at all. They should have stepped it down to Khalam or Karsa Oslong.
  5. ....... You. Please. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/69563-the-fall-of-the-son-of-darkness/ Thank. You.
  6. Moraine defeats Anomander Rake in the 2012 Suvudu Cage Match. Although STRICTLY IMPOSSIBLE, somehow Moraine comes out on top. So for those of you that are unfamiliar with Anomander Rake, the title The Son of Darkness might make you think of an evil character. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the Malazan world, Dark is just another aspect of the Universe. The stereotype of Light meaning good, and Night even evil is not the case here. The various aspects of the universe are such as Dark, Light, Shadow, Life, Death, etc. Each have the full spectrum of good to evil aligned characters. So you could have someone from Kurald Liosan(The Light) actually being the bad guy whilst someone titled Son of Darkness is the good guy. Anomander Rake is one of those rare characters that deserves to be known across all realms. One of the coolest characters of all time, if not the coolest. ....and as Anomander faces down Moraine, he knows that he could kill her with ease. All too terrible ease. And then he feels the crushing weight of such power baring down on his extremely worn soul. For after hundeds of thousands of years of life, he felt as if he were stretched too thin. But he'd held on and learned to love the frailty of mortal men with their all too short lives, as well as his brothers and sisters for whom time stretched on forever. He also understood that the rules dictating the extremely odd circumstances surrounding the upcoming battle with this Woman from another realm would only allow for one to live. One had to die. And there lies the problem. He admitted he did not want to die, but he had sensed something in his opponent. No mere mortal. She possessed an inner light that in what he had already determined was going to be his last living moments was one of the most beautiful things he'd ever seen. She was a kindred spirit. She too would one day make the same choice he was about to make. This made it all feel right. Sacrifice. The most potent weapon against the agents of Chaos that writhe through the universe with the single purpose of destroying........everything. Forever. And Anomander also knew that all worlds and realms were linked. It was common knowledge among the ancients. And that if one were to fall, then the rest were soon to follow. Therefore with his great wisdom, unyielding patience, and infinite love and compassion for every living creature, he allowed himself to be killed instead of taking this woman's life. For those of the womans vast world whom can see such distant things, as well as Anomander, all know that she is critical to the saving of her world. For she must be there as The Dragon Reborn, Lord of the Morning, Rand al'Thor makes his final stand against the Dark One himself, her realms manifistation of the same Chaos that gnaws at the frayed edges that link all realms. But nothing is assured. Failure is still possible. But a chance is a chance. Because if they fail, it will not only mean the death of a world, but the unraveling of time itself. "There is no struggle too vast, no odds too overwhelming, for even should we fail — should we fall — we will know that we have lived." ― Anomander Rake, Son of Darkness
  7. Honestly guys. There's no chance Moraine could win against Rake. I'm just as much the adoring,.worshipping fan of WoT as everyone else on our forum, but its just impossible. Anyway. I'm curious. How many of you are familiar with Anomander Rake? And by that I mean truly know his character, having read at least through Toll the Hounds, book 8. You don't really get a true understanding of him until the end of Toll the Hounds. So I guess I'm wondering if there's ANYONE whos read both series and still thinks Moraine can win. Also see my new thread on this battle. GOTO: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/69563-the-fall-of-the-son-of-darkness/
  8. Yeah, but in Malazan, Karsa Oslong tells Samar Dev, "I'll split you in two." And he's not talking about with his sword. Not the metal one, anyway. And that makes Malazan > ASoFaI.
  9. I don't remember him being in Elantris, but he was def in Warbreaker. And of course appeared quite a lot in Kings.
  10. Yeah. I finished Reapers gale a bit ago. Gonna actually try to find Night of Knives somewhere, if I can't, guess ill grab Toll The Hounds.
  11. I guess he could have ascended in Rakaru, but I just figured he did when the rest of the BBS did. But even if he ascended 100 years ago, that's still new in comparison to hundreds of thousands of years. He's still a pimp, tho. And I now something is up with him. Cuz Hedge asked something like "How long you think those souls are gonna want to stay hidden" inside him. But I agree as far as the "theme" you're talking about goes. And I was wondering, if the Errant is the elder version of Oponn, then who is the "younger" version of Mael?
  12. Mmmmmm, Swedish Women. Here in the States, we think Swedish Women are hot. Oh, and Asians. Rock Hill, South Carolina Located almost directly on the border of North Carolina. 10 minutes south of Charlotte, NC. 3 hours north of a city called Charleston, South Carolina, which many of you should recognise, as it was the home of one Robert Jordan. (Whom I've met!)
  13. SPOILER ALERT. Yeah. And they had help finishing them off by those Imass Soletaken. But still. QB is a newly ascended ascendant, and he literally dropped 3 OTHER, even older ascendants, who also happen to be Soletaken Dragons, right out of the fn sky like a bag of bricks. And those pebbles he used. Are they just part of his normal magics or did someone help him by giving him those stones.
  14. It's ok, Im past Beaks part. Almost done with the book. Yeah, that was a good scene. Side note: QB was always a baddass imo, but what he did there near the end of the book against YouKnowWho x 3, was over the top. Spoiler alert. And Hedge. How baddass is grenading a fn dragon. Lol. You gotz magikz firez? Say hello to my lil friend, Mr Cusser. Kaboom. KaThx. KaBye. KaDriveThruPlz. Three fn ancient ascendant dragons vs two Bridgeburners.
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