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Hi to all.


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Welcome Krishna! :)


Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself, how you came across the Wheel of Time and how far along you are in the series. And anything else you might want to add :biggrin:



I'll start! I'm Nyn! I'm from Israel. I'm 26. I'm sort of smart, mostly on Wednesdays. I started reading Wheel of Time back in 2000. My best friend introduced me to it. And I'm currently starting to read book 13 ^_^


As far as this site goes, there's so much to see that it can be a little overwhelming. To summarize it for you, you have a bunch of boards dedicated to discussion of the books. If you enjoy discussing, or even just reading about discussions and theories, that's the place you want to visit. Though I have to warn you that you might stumble over spoilers. So if you haven't read the entire series, step lightly.


After that you have various boards of different Social Groups. If any of them appeal to you, you may join and enjoy the variety of activities they have to offer and get to know the members. Make some friends. Party. Have fun. And so on and on.


If you enjoy writing you have two places you'd want to check out. The first one is actually listed in the Social Groups (the ones I mentioned in the previous paragraph). There's a group called the Illuminators that have a subgroup that is ALL about writing and you can even get people to critique the stuff you write. The second option, if you're interested in writing in the Wheel of time world, is to visit the RP Groups and check out the various RP boards. It gives you a chance to create your own Wheel of Time characters and embark on some fun adventures.




ANYHOW! lol I hope this helped you better understand the layout of the site.


If I confused you further, though (hehe), feel free to send me a private message and we can sit down and go over it at a slower pace.


I hope you enjoy the site to the fullest!!!









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Hello and welcome to DM, Krishna! Pankhuri is going to be very glad to see you, I think, as she's from India too :biggrin:


I'm from Cape Town in South Africa, not too far from you! Well, compared to America or such, anyway :P

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Hi Krishna. Another Indian, I don't know how much I waited to have one. Where do you live? I am from Uttar Prdesh. It can't be far away. Did you use your real name as handle or just picked it up? I used my real name nothing else seemed to work. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


p.s. Did you support Anna Hazare?

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