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Mrs. Cindy Gill

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All of these pictures are very, very funny. And yet for some unknown reason, we still don't have a Blackhoof sighting here on the thread named after him?

This situation reminds me of a famous quote. Do any of y'all remember who used to say this?



"things that make you go Hmmmmm"



who was arsenio hall?



and while i'm here, and before my internet gets borked again, hello, and thanks for all the cats!


and sorry i borked the whole internet yesterday, and also the cable tv.


it was probably because i was overwhelmed by LOLcats. evil, wicked, beautiful LOlcats.


and now i have well over 400 posts to catch up on, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


sorry, time warner.


and uh, yeah, what up blackhoof? is mafia really that engrossing? cause the real mafia would give you more time off. . .

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i love froggy...


that picture reminds me of the time i was walking joey, a 120 lb shepherd, G-d rest his soul, in a rainstorm. in the country, when it rains, creatures that live in holes in the ground crawl and hop out of those holes and try to get to high ground. so there were a lot of frogs and toads (and worms, but that's not relevant) in the road.


so we're walking at a good clip, and all of a sudden joey stops dead and gets a funny look on his face. and he wouldn't budge. i bent down to reason with him, and i notice, under his back right paw (it was a BIG paw), the limbs and head of a frog (coulda been a toad, it was dark), sticking straight out, like a squeezed froggy squeezie toy. i thought for sure that critter was a gonner, but i managed to get joey to move his foot, and its limbs and head sprang right back to normal, its tongue went back into its mouth, it stood for a few seconds to get its bearings, and hopped off.


to sum up, i do not fear froggy. but i may have froggy toh on behalf of the dog. also rabbit, woodchuck, opossum, rat, mouse, snake, fish, and attempted burglar toh. oh, wait, wrong org. nevermind.

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Wrong Org? Why?


Toh is an aiel concept, this is the Ghul. I know you're smarter than you look, it's time you started trying a bit harder. :P



Eclipse, where do you get all those pictures from?



he proly steals them from the inter-web or somesuch. Do not believe he makes them himself, and if he does... I'd be a lil worried about him, living with so many cats and dogs, not natural, no ser *shakies*


I think the word is coming to an end... This is the 3rd time in 24 hours where I've had to agree with Roka

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