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Mrs. Cindy Gill

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Nae'Blis emeritus. . . i am sad :madmyrddraal: there have been no ebil LOLcats for days and days.


... unless you're just posting on some super dreadlord hidden board... or hanging out with the cool kids.


in which case i am sadder :sad:


*stabs random passersby to unsadden*


meh. still sad. :madmyrddraal:

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All of these pictures are very, very funny. And yet for some unknown reason, we still don't have a Blackhoof sighting here on the thread named after him?

This situation reminds me of a famous quote. Do any of y'all remember who used to say this?



"things that make you go Hmmmmm"

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Guest Czechs In The M'Hael

They are indeed quite humorous. One did indulge oneself in a small chortle or three upon perusing said images accompanied by witty quips.


And not acknowledging a thread opened in ones name? Surely this is the height of ignorance?!


Why I ought to do something to him that would normally be done to such an arrogant person! *bluntens knife in preparation*

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