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Who would be the best swordsman or swordswoman ever

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u forget Corowin have gracewonder a PATERN imbued sword.

and every other prince probably have one as well (we know Eric and Blaze had).

and i would add Gerard to your list. :)


Yeah, iti's kind of hard to compete with the combination of ideal physiology and unlimited practice time. One of my favorite lines is when Corwin quips that swordsmanship is so ingrained in Benedict's muscle memory that you could remove his cerebral cortex and he'd just keep kicking a$$. Zombie Benedict FTW :p

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I'm new here but aware of the Goodkind hate (which may be justified due to his comments)but I think Richard Rahl should be considered as well. He did defeat what 30 master swordsmen in one battle. Now he also had access to memories of all other previous users of the sword and the sword itself was magical so perhaps that would be disqualifing just as the jedi lightsabers appear to be. Of the "classic" sword users I would also nominate Turin from the silmarillion. I haven't read it in some time but I thought he was accounted very deadly with a sword.

yeah, Richard Rahl was my thought.


I truly hate those books but he basically fought 30 of the best swordsmen in the world and beat them all. Also, he's one of those stupid "no matter what challenge arises, he always rises just above his opponent" heroes that truly cannot lose in anything he does. Mostly that's just poor writing but that's true of many of these other swordsmen too...

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Posted 05 August 2011 - 11:12 PM

Since fantasy and scifi often go hand in hand, can't believe noone has mentioned Anakin Skywalker.


Yoda was apparently the best swordsman in the Star Wars Universe i think. I would have to say the greatest swordsman ever, in my opinion is Byakuya although I know his powers are not all natural ability. An honourable mention also has to go to Inigo Montoya :)

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Conner Macleod, right? There can be only one, and he was it. The guy has all the knowledge and abilities of every immortal ever born. Although the movie didn't choreograph the fights all that well, it presents the idea well enough that you can infer that these are supposed to be epic sword fights of the highest caliber. This beats Richard Rahl's inherited abilities handsdown.



Fixed the spelling of McCloud to MacLeod, as per Google search.

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Richard Rahl.

Elric of Melnibone.


Jamie Lassiter maybe?


These are in no particular order.

Also maybe Artemis Entreri.


I'd change your list... to this.



Artemis Entreri


(I'd put those 3, as nearly tied, but in a 3 way fight, I'd put Drizzt on top. Note, he's really into his foot work, something neither Entreri, or Lan seem all that concerned about... Plus Drizzt has Haste-bracelets on his ankles. :tongue:)





Paul Atreides - Dune. Can see your actions before you make them.

Sand dan Glokta - Before becoming a Cripple

Jaime Lannister.

Dunno about

Elric Melniborne (though I've heard he's a bad ass)

Geralt the Witcher.

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