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  1. China Mieville is writing some of the best (and most original) sci fi/fantasty around. Not only that he's a fairly young guy so if you like his writing it's reasonable to expect him to keep it up for a long time to come.
  2. Absolutely. Normal is watching reality tv and we (collectively on this site) like to read, and that makes us all deviants. To paraphrase X-Men First Class that makes me "deviant and proud" :p
  3. Yeah, and while we're at it there are no allusions to the mafia in Frank Sinatra's lyrics, and Puff the Magic Dragon is about a child and his beloved pet :p
  4. This is the song in my sig. the lyrics of which make me think (naturally) about Mat. Once Rand starts getting bitter and dark 2Pacs The Don Killuminati.
  5. This is great because you have Rand, with all his power, trying and failing to do the one thing that everyone wishes they could but simply can't, which is to defeat death. The image of the little girl is heartbreaking, and what happens when Rand tries to defy death is nightmarish. I think there's a bit of foreshadowing going on because if Rand can't even save this child from death he certainly can't save himself.
  6. I've looked through this thread but haven't read it carefully, so this post isn't meant to be argumentative in response to any specific comment. IMHO the way Sanderson paces his books is one of his biggest strengths. The Mistborn books are a great example of this. When I looked back at how long each of them was I was shocked because I felt like I'd read a much smaller book. The reason is because there is very little filler, and Sanderson did a great job of giving me new plot points and/or explosive action with just the right amount of space in between to keep me turning pages. Sanderson's
  7. A ffriend of mine is reading the books for the first time. He's now breaking into tSR and so can put things in perspective but he HATED Mat for most of the first three books. Looking back on it the first time through I thought he might be a traitor, or possibly an enthralled victim similar to Golem. At this point Mat is such a rock star that's it's hard to remember that there was a time I didn't like him. Wow, I've got to tip my hat to you. Reading huge epics in your second language despite dyslexia is quite a feat.
  8. One thread (that I haven't given as much attention a it deserves) that takes on a completely different light the second time through is Verin's story. When I went back after her reveal a number of scenes that didn't stand out the first time gave me chills, and a lot of things made sense in a way that they didn't before. In particular (can't remember which book) the scene in which she gets the poison from the WOs. Hey, just so I don't put my foot in my mouth, are spoilers that happen before aMoL okay, or are we still protecting the events in ToM?
  9. This is spot on. The darkfriends remind me of Heath Ledger's line as the Joker: "I'm like a dog chasing a car; I wouldn't know what to do if I caught it." There isn't one Don Corleone in the whole bunch. If there were things would have been very different.
  10. I think this is pretty fair, although the big dust-up at the end of WH is still one of my favorite scenes. My first time through these books my excitement carried me through them effortlessly. The second time through it was more apparent that the story bogs down in parts, starting in PoD. IMHO KoD got it back on track though.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Moiraine was perfect... although she was still WAY ahead of the rest of the WT in terms of honesty and treating non-AS with respect. Sure, she could have done some things better but let's not forget that she's a crusader, not a nanny... which is what the Emmond's Field folks needed when we first met them. One way or the other it's interesting to me that at the time I identified with Rand, Mat and Perrin, but now that I have real responsibilites and some experience working with children I sympathize with Moiraine. I have a completely different view of
  12. It's an interesting conncection (and thanks for pointing it out!) but I don't think you can expect there to be a one to one correlation. RJ was influenced by numerous folk-tales, myths, legends and works of fiction but even when he makes a sly reference his characters aren't analogs for something else, they stand on their own. For example, it's accpeted that Gawyn and Galad come from Galahad and Gawain, but the characters are distinctly different from the knights of Arthurian legend. I'm sure RJ was aware of the reference he was making but I wouldn't jump to any conclusions about the future
  13. Many of us have spent the last 20 years or so anxiously waiting for the next book to come out, and doing rereads. Although it's only been a short time for the characters I was a teenager when I first picked up EotW and now... well do the math for yourself. My question is how have your views on the books changed over the years? What looks different now that you've seen more of life and (hopefully) learned from it? The biggest thing that stood out for me during my last reread (in between tGS and ToM) was my opinion of Moiraine. When I first read the opening books I couldn't stand her. I wa
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