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  1. Yoda would be like Lan combined with Hopper with a dash of Moiraine and Asmodean. A super bad-ass zen warrior mage. In fact, who needs LTT/Rand? Just send Yoda into SG. Unless Zen Rand is supposed to BE Yoda?
  2. *Looks back to the beginning...* Yeah, good times. The first few books were definitely full of epic wonder. There aren't/weren't too many books out there that had the scope of WoT. TDR was great because everyone went a different way and you really got a great look at just how large the world RJ created. Keep up with these updates. I'd love to re-live the series through you.
  3. During the scene where this occurs, Min only reveals her ability because Rand assures her Melaine will keep a promise not to tell anyone else. Like I said before, I don't remember the scene too exactly. But if you describe it accurately, then the fault was in Rand's poor judgement of Melaine, not with Melaine breaking a promise. Or perhaps Min's failure to secure the promise. Rand says "You can trust her promise to keep her word." Min says "Ok!" and then doesn't ask for the promise.
  4. They have a psychic appendage, more or less. For lack of a better term, this is their "will" exerting itself psychically. This is the same will that allows them to manipulate weaves at all. Connecting with the source does nothing if you cannot then shape/move the flows. They can still see/sense the weaves. Blocking the connection does nothing to block their sensitivity to the source. If you think back to the time Rand was in the box, he could see the shield all the time, even without stretching out his will to touch it. When he did reach out to touch it, he could feel the soft poi
  5. Rand asked Herid Fel to work on a couple of problems, essentially the same questions he asked the Finns. How to win the Last Battle and how to clense Saidin. Rand told Herid Fel the answers he got from the Finns. Fel said the principals were sound. The two talked a lot off-screen and Rand was able to piece together how to clense saidin. We only have hints as to the answer for the first question, though. Herid Fel left a note saying something like "Have to clear away the rubble", which Min has been working on interpreting. She and Rand believe it means destroying the seals. Re: Archer
  6. I think it was the gholam. He was found torn to pieces in his room. Obviously someone in the School is a DF and when Rand began regular visits to Herid, they began watching/following his research. When he got too close to an answer, some forsaken sent the gholam to kill him.
  7. Egwene taught Sorilea and the other Wise Ones in thanks for their teaching and to make up for her toh.
  8. I don't remember the promise not to tell anyone. I'll have to read it again. I only vaguely remember the scene, but I half-remember that she glowered at Rand as if it was hif fault she let slip about the twins, and then he reassured her that he can trust the Aiel not to go running for pitch forks. She then told Melaine and the two were soon gossiping about men fainting and such. If there was a promise not to tell, then I think it might have had an unspoken clause about not telling anyone not Aiel. I seem to also remember something about not telling Bael becuase she needed to tell her first sis
  9. Yeah, that always bugged me. They were practically worshiping Perrin, then one little rumor from some gossipy maids and they treat him like scum. Though somehow they still respect him as a leader? That seems a bit odd to me that they can give him the cold shoulder one moment then follow him into battle the next.
  10. Moiraine and Lan seemed to find her irritating. The Two Rivers folk fawn over her because she is a lady, and then because she is Perrin's wife and she brought an army to save them. Morgase doesn't seem to like her, but respects her a little (in a condescending sort of way). The fools from Cairhein are fools, so it only makes sense they would like Faile. Loial likes her, but he likes everyone. Everyone else, I think, only tolerates her because she is married to a power of the realm.
  11. I would think Mashadar is merely a product of the power, not the power itself. Fain conjures Mashadar in the latter books, yet it is clearly not the extent of his abilities. Ordeth/Mordeth did not become Mashadar. It is unknown how/why Ordeth/Mordeth became trapped in Aridhol. My guess is that Ordeth released Mashadar without knowing what it was and it killed everyone in the city. Maybe someone realized it was him that conjured/controlled it and attempted to kill him. Ordeth/Mordeth, being a Power unto himself, became a wraith. So, Mashadar kills almost everyone, Mordeth gets killed, Mash
  12. They already carry Rand's honor. Grasping for more would shame themselves. Plus I think they are already headstrong and independent women. The idea of being owned by a man (as is strongly implied by the word Siswai'aman), would be apalling.
  13. She might take it if only to distance herself from her past life. Especially for Elayne's sake. If Morgase Trakand, the failed queen, is always hanging around, people will wonder about Elayne being a puppet. If Morgase Tallanvor is hanging around... Wait. Who is Morgase Tallanvor?
  14. It could also be similar to splitting flows. The Wonder Girls are often praised for their ability to split their flows many ways and weave multiple things at once. This seems to be fairly uncommon. Most channelers can only do 1 or 2 things at the same time. I would imagine the same goes for angreal linking. Most can only link to one at a time. Dividing their will to multiple angreal and then being able to then split your will even further to do anything with the power is probably beyond most. Rand can do it because he is awesome. The forsaken can probably do it because they are also awesome, i
  15. He used the extra power to sever the black cords tied to Asmo. All of Asmo's power was used to block Rand's other attacks. He had nothing left to block the cutting of the cords (which I am not sure he could have done anyway, since Rand seems to be the only one who has ever seen them (maybe Ishy), and so wouldn't know there was something there to cut). I think it pretty evident that linking to multiple angreal is possible. The question then becomes "Why don't they do that more often/at all?" I guess the answer for Aes Sedai is they forgot it was possible, either because of the breaking or
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