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  1. Yoda would be like Lan combined with Hopper with a dash of Moiraine and Asmodean. A super bad-ass zen warrior mage. In fact, who needs LTT/Rand? Just send Yoda into SG. Unless Zen Rand is supposed to BE Yoda?
  2. *Looks back to the beginning...* Yeah, good times. The first few books were definitely full of epic wonder. There aren't/weren't too many books out there that had the scope of WoT. TDR was great because everyone went a different way and you really got a great look at just how large the world RJ created. Keep up with these updates. I'd love to re-live the series through you.
  3. During the scene where this occurs, Min only reveals her ability because Rand assures her Melaine will keep a promise not to tell anyone else. Like I said before, I don't remember the scene too exactly. But if you describe it accurately, then the fault was in Rand's poor judgement of Melaine, not with Melaine breaking a promise. Or perhaps Min's failure to secure the promise. Rand says "You can trust her promise to keep her word." Min says "Ok!" and then doesn't ask for the promise.
  4. They have a psychic appendage, more or less. For lack of a better term, this is their "will" exerting itself psychically. This is the same will that allows them to manipulate weaves at all. Connecting with the source does nothing if you cannot then shape/move the flows. They can still see/sense the weaves. Blocking the connection does nothing to block their sensitivity to the source. If you think back to the time Rand was in the box, he could see the shield all the time, even without stretching out his will to touch it. When he did reach out to touch it, he could feel the soft points, yes, but he could definitely sense the shield without reaching out for the source.
  5. Rand asked Herid Fel to work on a couple of problems, essentially the same questions he asked the Finns. How to win the Last Battle and how to clense Saidin. Rand told Herid Fel the answers he got from the Finns. Fel said the principals were sound. The two talked a lot off-screen and Rand was able to piece together how to clense saidin. We only have hints as to the answer for the first question, though. Herid Fel left a note saying something like "Have to clear away the rubble", which Min has been working on interpreting. She and Rand believe it means destroying the seals. Re: Archery It has been said in this series (and many other places) that Archery takes years and years to master. You pretty much have to grow up with it to become truly good. Armies train archers to shoot in unison. You don't have to be especially good, only able to hit the broad side of a field of battle. The idea is that it is hard to dodge thousands of arrows coming at you at once. Two Rivers arhcers are different. They can do the battle archery, yes. But when things get close, they are still effective. They can shoot with accuracy into a melee. Two Rivers may not be different than many other isolated farming communities in their reliance on archery, but it does have two things going for it. 1) Pretty much the entire male population volunteered into an army at once. 2) The Long Bow.
  6. I think it was the gholam. He was found torn to pieces in his room. Obviously someone in the School is a DF and when Rand began regular visits to Herid, they began watching/following his research. When he got too close to an answer, some forsaken sent the gholam to kill him.
  7. Egwene taught Sorilea and the other Wise Ones in thanks for their teaching and to make up for her toh.
  8. I don't remember the promise not to tell anyone. I'll have to read it again. I only vaguely remember the scene, but I half-remember that she glowered at Rand as if it was hif fault she let slip about the twins, and then he reassured her that he can trust the Aiel not to go running for pitch forks. She then told Melaine and the two were soon gossiping about men fainting and such. If there was a promise not to tell, then I think it might have had an unspoken clause about not telling anyone not Aiel. I seem to also remember something about not telling Bael becuase she needed to tell her first sister first or something like that. I don't know why I even posted. I barely remember the scene. I'm probably way off.
  9. Yeah, that always bugged me. They were practically worshiping Perrin, then one little rumor from some gossipy maids and they treat him like scum. Though somehow they still respect him as a leader? That seems a bit odd to me that they can give him the cold shoulder one moment then follow him into battle the next.
  10. Moiraine and Lan seemed to find her irritating. The Two Rivers folk fawn over her because she is a lady, and then because she is Perrin's wife and she brought an army to save them. Morgase doesn't seem to like her, but respects her a little (in a condescending sort of way). The fools from Cairhein are fools, so it only makes sense they would like Faile. Loial likes her, but he likes everyone. Everyone else, I think, only tolerates her because she is married to a power of the realm.
  11. I would think Mashadar is merely a product of the power, not the power itself. Fain conjures Mashadar in the latter books, yet it is clearly not the extent of his abilities. Ordeth/Mordeth did not become Mashadar. It is unknown how/why Ordeth/Mordeth became trapped in Aridhol. My guess is that Ordeth released Mashadar without knowing what it was and it killed everyone in the city. Maybe someone realized it was him that conjured/controlled it and attempted to kill him. Ordeth/Mordeth, being a Power unto himself, became a wraith. So, Mashadar kills almost everyone, Mordeth gets killed, Mashadar completes the job of killing everyone, Mordeth finds himelf in need of a body and so is trapped. Mashadar continues its rampage since Mordeth no longer has the power to control it. Fain, now, is something above even Ordeth/Mordeth in Power, though. He also has been distilled in SG. He got caught in the Black Wind in the Ways, which is a product of the madness on Saidin. So, Fain is influenced/empowered by three seperate evils. I would guess his killing fog is a combination of Mashadar and Machin Shin.
  12. They already carry Rand's honor. Grasping for more would shame themselves. Plus I think they are already headstrong and independent women. The idea of being owned by a man (as is strongly implied by the word Siswai'aman), would be apalling.
  13. She might take it if only to distance herself from her past life. Especially for Elayne's sake. If Morgase Trakand, the failed queen, is always hanging around, people will wonder about Elayne being a puppet. If Morgase Tallanvor is hanging around... Wait. Who is Morgase Tallanvor?
  14. It could also be similar to splitting flows. The Wonder Girls are often praised for their ability to split their flows many ways and weave multiple things at once. This seems to be fairly uncommon. Most channelers can only do 1 or 2 things at the same time. I would imagine the same goes for angreal linking. Most can only link to one at a time. Dividing their will to multiple angreal and then being able to then split your will even further to do anything with the power is probably beyond most. Rand can do it because he is awesome. The forsaken can probably do it because they are also awesome, in their own way. Probably the wonder girls and a select few other modern day channelers could do it if they tried, but they've all been too set in tradition or too busy surviving to experiment with angreal (which are all locked in the WT anyway).
  15. He used the extra power to sever the black cords tied to Asmo. All of Asmo's power was used to block Rand's other attacks. He had nothing left to block the cutting of the cords (which I am not sure he could have done anyway, since Rand seems to be the only one who has ever seen them (maybe Ishy), and so wouldn't know there was something there to cut). I think it pretty evident that linking to multiple angreal is possible. The question then becomes "Why don't they do that more often/at all?" I guess the answer for Aes Sedai is they forgot it was possible, either because of the breaking or because of the taboo against using angreal too often, and now because they "know" all about angreal, they haven't experimented. For the Forsaken, they are having troubles locating a single angreal to use, let alone many. I am sure it was done in the AoL, but we have precious little insight into that age. Maybe it wasn't done even then, because Angreal were so common. Why use 2 when you can use 1 that is just as strong? The AoL society seemed more driven by skill rather than power anyway. In a world where angreals and full circles are common, a little extra power isn't going to make a difference unless you are trying to fight the DO (hence the CK, and even then LTT thinks differently).
  16. Maybe the effectiveness drops when sharing a link to an angreal. For instance, as Rhienne pointed out, Rhuidean should have been smashed to bits, instead of just shook up some. Maybe the split connection resulted in much less Saidin being channelled. Though it did describe the mountains nearby also being blasted and changed. So, if you do the opposite and draw from multiple angreal, would the same occur? You get less out of each device? Maybe the Fat Man Angreal wasn't a trickle just in comparison to the CK. Maybe if the contrast in power wasn't so great (and he had more experience), Rand would have noticed a drop in output from the angreal.
  17. It might also be a fear of getting addicted to an *angreal. The sense of euphoria is magnified, so the temptation to use an angreal, even when you don't need one, is very strong. Look at Rand before the Dragonmount revelation. He was using the access key even when he didn't need to. The Aes Sedai have probably created a taboo against using an angreal except under strict need, and even then to only use what is needed, no more. Otherwise we'd have a bunch of AS running around with angreal, and there would never be enough around when you need them (as pointed out before). So, it is either everyone use them and there is not enough to go around and those that have them are too addicted to them to release them or no one uses them except under dire need and they sit around collecting dust most of the time. Look at how the Forsaken act and talk in regards to angreal. Not only is it more power, but they talk almost as if the NEED them. As if they don't know how to function without them.
  18. Perrin can "Smell" the destination when someone wills themselves elsewhere. Hopper says that anyone can do this... as long as they can smell as well as a wolf. So, there is that in the plus column for Perrin over other dreamerwalkers. I think Perrin is getting the much better training out of him and Egwene. The Aiel dreamwalkers are great and have a lot of knowledge, but wolves LIVE in the dream all the time. Though, Egwene and other dreamwalkers seem to be able to go to that place in between that allows them to view/enter dreams of normal people. Re: dreamwalkers vs mundanes with a ter'angreal I belief the difference in TAR itself is negligible, except perhaps more experience or intuition. The will is all.
  19. Maybe the problem with Moghi is that she was trained in the AoL, when everything was defined and had rules and had been taught for hundreds of years. Moghi knew all the tricks of TAR, but not the fundamental cause and effect of TAR, which is force of will. She knew what she knew, which was a lot, but in knowing so much, she forgot that it all boils down to willpower. The a'dam was not something she was familiar with or expected. She didn't know any tricks to escape it, and so she panicked. Plus, I get the impression that Moghi will always lose in a contest of wills. She plans and traps. In TAR, this means she works behind the scenes and lets the other dreamer convince themselves what they are seeing is real. She doesn't go face to face and try to force something on another. She only does so with Nyn because she underestimates her. She is overconfident of her training and experience. Nyn won in that contest of wills by default because Nyn = stubborn and Moghi = crafty and careful, but avoids direct confrontations with equals (which she did not consider Nyn to be until after she was captured).
  20. 1: Because the ter'angreal in Rhuidean showed her that she needed to battle Lanfear and fall into the doorway, or else Rand will either die or become Lews Therin prematurely. The placement of the angreal must have been part of the events that needed to play out. 2: Everything I have seen/read on the subject says that the connection to the Finns world being severed is what broke the bond. I don't know why she didn't know if Lan was dead or not. Seems to be an oversight. 3: I guess Moghi isn't as good as she thinks she is. Part of her believed that the a'dam would work, and so it did. Also, she doesn't like pain, so when Nyn began punishing her with the a'dam, Moghi's will collapsed. Moghi is great at what she does when she thinks she has control, but loses it when she feels she doesn't.
  21. She eventually wanted to make enough to equip all of her guardswomen with them. I assume she makes them as much as possible, considering her pregnancy is getting in the way most of the time.
  22. What? If it is as addictive as every addictive substance known to man combined, with no nasty side effect... Then wouldn't all channelers be channeling all the time? It is addictive, yes, but not nearly as addictive as that. Think about it. Coffee is addicting without any real nasty effects. Now imagine it was 100,000 times more addicting and gave everyone heightened senses and a sense of euphoria. Wouldn't people pretty much be chugging it nonstop? Ok, with channeling you might burn yourself out, sure. So for the super coffee analogy, we'll add in that if you drink too much at once, you somehow become unable to drink any more, or potentially die. So, people figure out how much they can tolerate and then keep a steady stream of exactly that amount. There would be no reason to ever stop. So, channeling is addictive, but not all addictive substances rolled into one. I'd say maybe equivalent to heroine, if what I understand of that drug is true. One "hit" is enough to addict, and quitting is pretty damn hard, but people can go a little while between hits.
  23. Right, but who's to say that some men from the AoL, once they figured out channeling caused them to go mad, didn't stop outright? Maybe some did, and they just never made it into the history books. In Egwene's Accepted test, Rand was able to hold the madness at bay, but it took all his concentration, and so he could not channel. What if others figured out this method as well? To say that no male, once they learn to channel, can resist the urge to channel again is silly, IMO. Maybe 99.99% of them cannot resist, but there must be a couple or few within the past 3,000 years that did.
  24. Sorry to drag something back to the top after pages of other discussion. I agree. In fact, I think this is one of those things that "everyone knows" that RJ intended us to realize was false. Statistically speaking, it is just silly to assume that no male channeler was able to live the rest of their lives in the stedding, or absolutely refuse to channel. I am sure there were at least a couple who did that. But, in a world torn apart by the Breaking, NOT doing something is hardly going to get noticed. "Hey, did you hear about Tad? He DIDN'T kill everyone around him today. One day at a time, that's what I always tell him. Great guy, Tad is." <-- Hardly the sort of story that is going to survive through the age. The Aes Sedai assume that most women turned away from the tower or severed go back to their daily lives and forget about channeling. Which somehow makes sense to them despite their firm belief that no man can resist the urge to channel once they learn. If a woman can do it, why not a man, right? So, if there are actual recorded instances of women forgetting about channeling (which perhaps there are, though maybe that is wishful thinking), then there must also be instances of men doing it as well, especially since they would have more motivation to do so.
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