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  1. Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.

  2. I always thought that the thing that held Hawking back was the fact that the Seanchan are descendants of his old empire.
  3. It would be Logain who draws it out and follows after, and thus fulfilling Mins viewing if him crowned in glory.
  4. Noel does say that he's Jain right before he dies, he tells Matt.
  5. Read the books over and over again or find another long series. Maybe.
  6. I really like these 2, but I'll go for Son of Battles.
  7. I think that Egwene has fallen into the trap that just about every Aes Sedai is in, that they know everything and that their way is the only way.
  8. Winters Heart, when Rand goes to get Nyneave to help with the cleansing. Lan and Rand just stare at each other agreeing and accepting that Rand is dangerous.
  9. Pug


    This is really good.
  10. Pug


    This is good, I like it
  11. It was in 2002, I saw my brother in law reading book 4, and I asked him if he had the first book, and then I started reading the series.
  12. That's quite a good theory. To me at least it made perfect sense.
  13. Or it could be "The Dragon kneels before the Crystal Throne to bind the nine moons to him."
  14. Ok, so if Mat's luck is the Dark Ones. When and how did he get it?
  15. I've been reading that Mat has the Dark One's luck. My question is how did he get it????????? I just can't think of how he could have gotten it.
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