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  1. When Elayne and company meet with Nesta for the first time, Baroc the Master of Blades mentions " the doom of prophesy sailing the oceans" anyone know what this is? first thought was the Seanchan but now i'm wondering if it might be the red sails from the first chapter of ToM
  2. That's not what i'm talking about, i'm wondering why they're torturing and killing random Readers in Ebou Dar if they know there is an organisation based there that takes in runaways and cast outs.
  3. There a viewpoint from Falion where they kill a reader while looking for the cache, it might simply be RJ was keeping them secret because its before Elayne and Nynaeve go to see Mat and get taken to the KIn. But when i was reading it i was wondering why they were killing Callie if they knew the Kin existed why they didn't infiltrate the Kin?
  4. Question from my re-read of aCoS, why don't Falion and Ispan seem to know about the Kin?
  5. They did that fight once http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superman_vs._Muhammad_Ali
  6. Simply because the Damane aren't rabid, rabid animals can't be trained. If murderers represented the same weapon as the Damane and could be controlled similarly they'd be kept in kennels too. The only reason Damane aren't executed is because they can be controlled and their power used at the behest of the Throne. She said she chooses not to learn to channel, but this isn't entirely true she learned the weaves and everything else a Sul'dam would learn about handling the One Power all she hasn't done is learn to embrace for herself, but she has a Damane surrogate for that; kind of like ordering someone killed versus doing the deed yourself. There is a point i'd like to clarify about the use of the A'dam. In TGH Egwene's Sul'dam coerces her into channeling at her direction via threats and punishments, later we learn that the A'dam is a forced link with the Sul'dam having absolute control, then in KOD we have Tuon directly weaving the flows herself; what is the nature of this link? i assume it follows the basic mechanics of linking but with the Sul'dam in control.
  7. I really enjoyed Eriksons Deadhouse Gates, Memories of Ice and House of Chains but found my interest waning after that because his characters started becoming too difficult to tell apart, all these Malazan soldiers with basically the same voice. I finished the series but didn't find the ending to be very satisfactory - he does have some very interesting characters though, just a great number of boring ones too especially later in the series. Something you might enjoy is The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, its a Young adult series so when my wife bought it for me i was like "how old do you think i am??" but i have to admit its a very good read, i enjoyed it quite a bit. Also my guilty pleasure - anything by David Gemmell - Waylander, Druss, Skilgannon, Jon Shannow, pretty much everything he wrote i found to be enjoyable light reading.
  8. I think at best we can say there's a possibility the A'dam could hold her, we seem to have a number of pieces of evidence that are inconclusive and a number of piece that could be used on either side of the discussion. I think the A'dam must give them the abilty to see flows and weaves other wise a Sul'dam would be fumbling in the dark, without it they won't be able to see the weaves unless they're close to being able to use their own ability. We don't have any viewpoint from Tuon that suggest she can see flows without an a'dam so that might be the most telling point. However, i feel it's likely that RJ had specific reasons for having her take the Sul'dam test when its such an unusual move for the Imperial family, perhaps all these other Sul'dam being collared before are just foreshadowing of events to come. One option is perhaps Galgan is a Darkfriend and has Tuon collared then declares himself emperor, another that occurs to me is the Sul'dam Bethamin who was questioning whether she can see the flows or not - she might demand to be made Damane, even though this terrifies her(though all the other Sul'dam begged and cried to hide this terrible secret) she might be strong enough to spark a questioning of the system.
  9. Maybe they can only see the weaves while connected, it would explain the Sul'dam reluctance to confess to seeing the flows when the Kina re trying to get them to admit to being able to see them. The point about the cleansing is quite telling considering even Morgase could sense it, and her ability with the OP is almost non-existant, however do we have anything to suggest other Sul'dam sensed it?
  10. I got twelve from someone earlier in the thread so take it with a healthy dose of skepticism, if I remember correctly she brought her six best with her; she also has a number of Sul'dam in her employee. i could also suggest that aristocrats have more time to pursue their own interests, however that's not really the issue it was more of a question of access - there being far more Sul'dam than Damane it probably limits their access, while the Heir apparent will have all the access she wants. Every Sul'dam we see is fully trained(i assume they go through a training process where they develop the skills necessary to be a Sul'dam, learn the necessary weaves, etc etc) and we know they all want to be complete(the One Power is addictive even for them i guess) so this leads to them reaching the threshold quickly, at matter of months even. RJ said it wasn't four months but i don't think he meant to suggest it was a matter of years either i think it takes less than a year of reasonable use to get to the point you can be held by the A'dam. The four months isn't literally four months wearing the bracelet 24 hours a day but 4 months as a normal Sul'dam having to work to get every opportunity they can to be "complete" while competing with all the other Sul'dam also wanting to be complete too. Tuon will have done the necessary training to be a Sul'dam i assume this takes a while, she will also have all the access she requests to do this addictive hobby(it's probably more than a hobby to her) and considering how disciplined she is, she probably set aside time every day for her Damane. There's also Mylen the Aes Sedai she personally trained as Damane i assume that took some time.
  11. There also trying to remain anonymous from each other, Their inability to cooperate and inherit mistrust of each other is perhaps one of the reasons they couldn't do this - travel into a random city, begins attack and end up in a confrontation with another Forsaken, oops. i doubt anyone of them wants to get into a face to face confrontation without having the upper hand.
  12. There a far more Sul'dam than Damane, but Tuon personally owns 12 Damane; this suggests that she has more access to Damane than most Sul'dam do. We know that she tested for Sul'dam after coming of age at 16, she is now almost 20(19 years 7 months in CoT) so she has around 3 years experience training Damane and she just finished a very long voyage across the ocean - This might have given her the opportunity to spent a lot of her time with the Damane she took - stuck on a ship with little else to do. Every captured Sul'dam has been able to be held by the A'dam, I think being able to see the flows is the turning point in when a Sul'dam can be collared. i assume they have some kind of learning curve - can't see anything, starting to see flows and fumbling around with rudimentary weaves then becoming confident with weaves and can see the flows in a weave - which develops their natural ability without actually learning to embrace Saidar. With Tuon if as was suggested she is naturally talented then basically all her talent does is allow her to develop faster it doesn't make her able to weave with finesse and confidence while unable to see the flows or without knowing which weave does what.
  13. I believe the scene BFG is talking about is Mat's healing from the Shadar Logoth dagger. TDR p211
  14. i wondered if he might be a Darkfriend or on the Seanchan payroll or perhaps even one of BAlwers eyes and ears
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