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Vambram, you old fart!


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*stabs Vambram repeatedly so he can't move away from Eddie before he stabs him as an official Dreadlord*





Go get em. XD



*stabs Vambram*





*stabs Vambram*





Grats, Vam! *stabs*







*takes out his beautiful but nasty dagger given to him by Amadine, and stabs Eddie, Ahmoodah, cindy, LilyElizabeth, and TinaHel*

Thank you, my friends... and yes, you might want to look out for my farts, cuz those bad boys ARE older than dirt. biggrin.gif

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this last post and several others today just have me scratching my head in confusion as to why noone has said TWSS... i must have an especialy foul mind. . .


*stabs vam again, but does not describe the implement of stabbing, or the size of the carrot in which its hidden, cause it's all sounding dirty to me now*

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it's more i the loving description in this case. . . and in ed's large carrot comment elsewhere.


so to sum up, yes, i am made of filth. sorry.



There ain't nothing to be sorry about, cindy.



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thanks, Vam. i don't mean to be dancing on anyone's last nerves.


i will think only good and pure thoughts. . . no, that's a lie.


but i will *stab* and congratulate you again, your exploits have been monumental!


(and sorry for threadjacking your promotion glorification :blush:. . . :myrddraal: )

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*looks around, sniffing*


Oh, THAT"S what that smell is.


And the whole time I thought it was Verbal's dirty laundry.


*snickers* biggrin.gif


*stabs Ahmoondah Sedai*



A belated congrats! :smile: *stabs*


Thank you, Nyanna. smile.gif


*stabs Nyanna*



About bloody time is all i can say *stabs* :tongue:


*grins and stabs Amadine*


Thank you!! smile.gif




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