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Yellow Ajah Photograph Competition - RESULTS!!


Beautifully Captured   

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Which picture do you LOVE the most???

    • Entry number 1
    • Entry number 2
    • Entry number 3
    • Entry number 4
    • Entry number 5
    • Entry number 6
    • Entry number 7
    • Entry number 8

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Hey guys, I'm two days behind but as promised, I present to you to entries to the competition. I want to thank every person that took the time to send something in. You guys ROCK!!!


The poll will close in a week or so, so hurry in to cast you votes (all are welcome to vote, WT members and otherwise).


Remember, the theme is Spring. Choose the picture you think captures the theme well and is, of course, your very own favorite!!!




Entry Number 1:




Entry Number 2:




Entry Number 3:




Entry Number 4:




Entry Number 5:




Entry Number 6:




Entry Number 7:




Entry Number 8:


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  • 2 weeks later...

Well! The time everyone has been waiting for has arrived!


Submission number 6 seemed to have gotten the public's vote and it so happens this submission has also been chosen for the Yellow Ajah Favorite photograph.


So there's nothing left to do, really, but to announce the winner :biggrin:


Before I do though (he can wait a couple more seconds :P), I want to thank everyone who participated and took the time to vote. I hope to see you all again in next month's competition *wink*



And now.... for the ULTIMATE winner! Everyone, give your hand to NARGBERT!!!



Nargie, way to go! Beautiful photograph! We're all in awe :D


Please accept the following siggy to commemorate and generally flaunt your awesome photography skills ;)







*people shout in the background* Speech, speech, SPEECH!!!










The Yellow Ajah

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Sweeet! I am sad my soccer picture didn't get more votes, but I will take the tulip win! Thank you to all who voted for me, for I had some stiff competition. *hottubs in celebration*



And for all your lovely eyes... the rest of the photos from that series...












Enjoy and thank you!

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You did the soccer pic, Narg? I voted for that one! What stood out for me was the sunglasses the children were wearing.


Frigging awesome work, man - those flower photos are simply breathtaking.

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Yes, I know.


Yeah, I took the soccer photo. Tried my hand at shooting kids soccer and selling to parents. Talk about flaming out. One or two kids per game were wearing sunglasses. I think for eye protection because you also saw some wearing the funky goggles. And since they really don't head the ball much at that age, no worries!


Thanks again!


Oh, and if anyone wonders... no photoshop on any of those. Just a man and his camera.... and a flashlight at night.....

Edited by Nargbert
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