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  1. Okay so I’m a fairly new reader (up to ch 7 in the Great Hunt, so please no spoilers beyond that) and already I’m severely annoyed by the Emond’s Fielders’ attitude towards Moiraine. Sometimes they trust her, other times they look at her with suspicion. Oh we need protection from Trollocs or the Dark One? “Moiraaaaiiine, HEEELP.” Oh but she’s an Aes Sedai, “WHAT A MANIPULATIVE SNAKE.” The fact that she’s even saving them at all should elicit some kind of trust, and the fact that she risks herself to do so. I get that she’s stronghanded and secretive, and sometimes cold, but that is severely outweighed by the good she does for them. She’s literally the best hope they have at surviving, and the most informed on matters regarding the Dark One, Wheel of Time, One Power, etc. Surely the suspicion should have at least faded a bit by the time they reach book 2… I don’t want them to completely trust her, I just don’t like that they treat her like some kind of dangerous animal. It doesn’t help that she’s our first real introduction to Aes Sedai. I think this was handled poorly by the story. We’re told that Aes Sedai are scheming, dangerous, responsible for destruction, etc. But the first one we see is seemingly compassionate, level-headed, helpful, etc. We as readers aren’t even given enough to hate or distrust Aes Sedai like the rest of the world supposedly does, and that’s why it’s annoying to read the Emond’s Fielders treating their only true companion like shit. Realistic as their prejudice might be, it’s still frustrating, and it’s hard to get on with the prejudice as a reader. It’s a bit overboard for me. If the story wanted us to be suspicious of Moiraine, it should have made her way more shady, less helpful, less likeable, etc. Maybe that’s just me tho. Moiraine and Lan are by far my favorite characters so far.
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