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Most re-watched movies


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What are your most re-watched movies? Could be be great movies, could be movies so bad you love watching em, doesn't matter. Just movies you watch again and again.



For me, in no particular order, it'd probably be:


Ocean's 11

Bourne Identity

The Truman Show

500 Days of Summer

Thank You For Smoking

The Hangover


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Shawshank Redemption

Pulp Fiction



Predator (1&2)

Die Hard (1-4)

Lethal Weapon (all)

Tin Cup

Water World

The Post Man

Dances with Wolves

(almost anything kevin costner really)

Ghost Busters

Blues Brothers

Ground Hog Day.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan



Happy Gilmore (And anythign else by adam Sandler.)

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1. Donnie Darko

2. Pulp fiction

3. Amedaus

4. Amelie

5. watchmen

6. 500 days of summer

7. the sinking scene from titanic (thats all the rest is boring)

8. Requiem for a dream

9. The Corpse Bride

10. Children of men

11. The Nightmare before Christmas

12. V for Vendetta

13. Fight Club


thats all i can think of off the top of my head. I fell asleep watching them for the better part of a year

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Monty Python (all movies)

Fanny & Alexander

La double-vie de Veronique

Troix couleurs

Hedwig & The Angry Inch

Star Wars (4-6)

Clint Eastwoods western movies

The Godfather (1-2)

A Clockwork Orange

Blood In, Blood Out

Dirty Dancing


From the top of my head, list should probably be at least twice as long if I gave it some thought.

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I've watched all of the LotR movies several times;

I've watched the Holy Grail probably 50 times;

I'll watch any of the Bourne movies whenever I happen to come across them on TV, but I don't own them. Same with Galdiator.;

I've watched Zulu maybe 25 times;

I've watched most Mel Brooks movies repeatedly;

I've watched every hockey movie I have repeatedly (Slapshot, Miracle, Youngblood, Mystery, Alaska)


I once made a point of watching every best picture Oscar winner. It is surprising how few of them are worth watching more than once.


Generally, I approach movies differently from books. If I want to think, I'll read a book. Movies are for entertainment.

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There are lots of them, for me:


All 3 LOTR movies

The original Star Wars trilogy

The Princess Bride

The Number 23

All 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies

The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within



The Producers


The Mummy

National Treasure

The Dark Knight

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- A beautiful mind

- Shawshank redemption

- Erik the Viking (Monty Python)

- Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame (all disney movies are classics really - ok ok, MOST of them - , and the older you get, the better they become)

- Be kind Rewind

- Coraline/ (nightmare before christmas)

- Sweeny Todd: The demon barber of Fleet street/ Amadeus / Phantom of the Opera (films with awesome music mixed with heartbreaking tragedy = epic)

- Gladiator ( though it doesn't really count as a movie: tv-series of 'Rome' )

- Star Wars,... it comes and goes, comes and goes

- House of flying daggers

- ...

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