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Post Eating Monster

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I know, that there are monsters and a trolloc lurking around but do we have a post eating monster too? I notice people have commented last on a topic and then I go to the topic...not there.


Or the other day I tried in vane to post to a thread and ....Nope not gonna happen.


Is anyone else on the tower grounds having this problem?

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*readis his sword*


I will find them and destroy them!



Nice to see a warder stepping up like he should!


Speaking of... do warders take care of the following:

Monsters under my(or others)bed, inner demons, um things that go bump in the night, big ucky spiders, overly large dust bunnies?

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I find it hilarious that I was the first person to let Jason know we have a problem ... lol


And I'd waited hours, because I was sure hundreds of other people must have emailed him already :rolleyes:



You are kidding... It had to be happening other places... and Don...really, ew.


It had, and then DM died completely yesterday/day before, for some of us at least. But we were all talking to each other about it, instead of letting Jason know. Not the first time this has happened ... lol


Eesh Don *shakes head and feeds her Red brother some more strawberries*


Dwyn, I recall several people mentioning that at the Bugs board, but can't recall offhand now what the conclusion was (if there was one). I'm sure you'll find some topics there about it, though.

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Yeah, think my problem is the same as Dwyn's. Post count is not moving up and it's different from inside my Profile, lol. Maybe has something to do with moving old accounts over from the old DMs. Guess I could go look where Elgee said, but it's bedtime. *crawls off* ZzzZzzzz...

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