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The Wild Hunt is on... for you! (what to do?)


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So you get knowledge that a pack of Darkhounds have been dropped into your vicinity to track you down. The Terminator kind that melt down and reconstitute themselves when killed. They are anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours away - you just don't know, though you certainly hope its the latter. What is your plan of survival?


I think in principle - and if you're very lucky - it might be possible to make it to an airport in time and fly off, eventually to another continent. So if you're in the US, say, you fly to Europe, Asia or Africa and never return. So unless they swim (they can't) or stow away on a boat or air carrier (probably not intelligent enough for that), you can live out your life in peace.


Now let's make it even more interesting. Imagine that aircraft have been grounded forever - say, the decline of world oil supplies have killed them for all but the super-rich (which you aren't). Same goes for other hydrocarbon powered transport. What's the plan of survival now?


EDIT: Actually, what to do in the first scenario is obvious (gamble on getting into an airplane fast enough), and in the second you're just screwed. So let's rejig the rules. These are normal Darkhounds that can be killed with cold steel, guns, etc.

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Run to the other side of the stream that flows behind my house.


From there I'd go visit some relatives that live on the other side of the Missouri. It'd be a nice weekend getaway while the darkhounds track me. Considering the time of the year I figure I'd get lucky with heavy storms at least twice a week. Maybe some flooding too.


I'd then lure them into several encounters where I try to find ways to kill them with modern technology. We may not have balefire but I'm sure we can find something that works and is legal for me to obtain in my country.

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