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  1. You know, a thought occurs to me... FanFiction, will anyone dare? If someone does dare, will they be able to withstand the truckloads of criticism they'll get even if it's good? Just wondering ;)
  2. I'm sad. Only one book left. This epic tale has been a part of my life ever since my pre-teen days. I feel like I know all these characters personally. While I'm excited that the end is in sight, I'm saddened by the loss of no new developments. I understand that these are fictional characters, and that it's a fictional world. I think the saddest part is that people won't be able to be as emotionally invested in the story anymore. Those of us who started reading back in the 90's have had to wait, do rereads, and go over and over tantalizing hints of what may happen. That era is basically at an
  3. I don't think this is gonna turn out to be the reason, but it makes a lot of sense to me. (Like with the cracked Enigma codes in WW2, which I assume is what you had in mind as well.) I also have a question: Everybody seems to have picked up on something strange going on with Olver. I totally missed that, cause he was always such a minor character to me. What has made everyone so suspicious of him? What am I not seeing? Everyone's freaking because Olver wants to kill the Shaido that killed his father lol :P
  4. Aes Sedai always have plots withing plots that still hide others. My money is on Verin knowing exactly what Mat would do. We have no idea how many letters she delivered. I'm guessing that she was lying about being forced to wait for Mat in that mountain town, (I forgot the name). Remember, Verin knows more about the Black Ajah and Darkfriends than any of the Lightfriends. Perhaps she knew that telling Egwene certain things straight out would've been found out by the shadow. Or maybe someone acting too soon would cause the shadow to change their plans. She may be using the shadow's strateg
  5. I absolutely love the prophecy threads! :D "In that day, when the One-Eyed Fool travels the halls of mourning..." I think we can all agree that the One-Eyed Fool is Mat. It's been suggested that 'halls of mourning' refer to him in the Tower of Ghenji. However, Mat still had both eyes when he was traveling the halls there. If I may, the color white is the color of mourning in Randland. We can be fairly certain the White Tower isn't just going to give Mat the Horn of Valere. We know that because of his ter'angreal that weaves can't touch him. What about wards and traps set with the OP? I ca
  6. Sometimes, there's nothing more funny than the truth lol. I'm not a big fan of Elayne after this either. In the past, she has shown wisdom beyond her years, but like others have said, the whole forsaken impersonation plan was pretty weak. "HAY!! I have a great idea!!! Nevermind the fact that I'm pregnant and haven't taken the time to actually make a plan. I'm going now!!!" I know she has Min's viewings and all, but still... One thing I've tried to keep in mind though; Throughout the entire series every character has made choices and acted as if they were on an island. No one ever thi
  7. I mean, I can't say 100% positive without interviewing BS, but it sticks out to me. Don't feel bad for me, I am a dumbass most of the time :). I still enjoyed both books (I guess I should say so far for ToM). It doesn't detract any from my enjoyment of the books, just something that I have noticed and thought was appropriate to the comment you made earlier. You can tell by the post count I am fairly new here and don't wanna upset long standing forum members. Lol, I'm fairly new myself! :) The only question I have is why are you posting when you should be reading!?!? XD
  8. You know, that thought really crossed my mind. I know he says that he can't or won't take part, but he did open the way to Ishy the first time for Rand. If N was the creator, it was more of a nudge than direct assistance. XD Edit: Oh, btw... Nakomi = Bela (can't believe no one saw that yet >.> ) The Bela thing crossed my mind actually but i am trowing myself as the creator thing i am going to Ask B.Sanderson one day But perhaps we are both right We are both right. Bela is the Creator after all :P
  9. You know, that thought really crossed my mind. I know he says that he can't or won't take part, but he did open the way to Ishy the first time for Rand. If N was the creator, it was more of a nudge than direct assistance. XD Edit: Oh, btw... Nakomi = Bela (can't believe no one saw that yet >.> )
  10. While you may be right about not being able to tell which chapters RJ wrote there is a way to tell which one BS wrote, IMO. Any chapter that has two back to back paragraphs of dialogue from the same character, is an BS chapter. RJ rarely had a character give a long exposition without splitting the dialogue by a introspective paragraph or descriptive paragraph. Maybe I'm different but I think I can tell the difference between the two writing styles when I read the chapters. Agreed. But can you really say definitively without a doubt that something wasn't written by RJ? I hope you ca
  11. Just remembered another great one! "Tell those you serve that I am no longer blind" or something like that. So glad that Rand is still a badass ^^
  12. Just started my reread, but there is one thing that made me laugh and tear up at the same time. "I caught a badger," a familiar voice said. "Want to let it go on the village green?" That line brought the entire series full circle for me. Everything is in flux. It's slowly righting itself before TG. But still, the entire future of everything on the shoulders of 3 farmboys. It was fantastic! :D
  13. Remember what she was thinking before she went through the second time. She felt let down because she didn't gain any knowledge. Then, she specifically tried to read the columns. Before Rand, the columns showed the Aiel what they needed to see. After he basically revealed it, that became unnecessary. Time and time again throughout the entire series T'A'R is linked to ter'angreal that show possible futures or alternate realities. Look at Nynaeves Accepted and Aes Sedai tests. She overpowered the ter'angreal to such an extent that she did what was believed to be impossible. She cheated from
  14. I kind of agree with the OP'r. But think about this: As I was reading ToM, I couldn't help but imagine it the way RJ would have written it. I'm positive the last 2 novels would've been at least 3 if not 4 with RJ behind the pen. BS is basically writing for RJ, and he has to bring all the plot lines to one single point; Tarmon Gaidon. It's true that RJ left written scenes behind, including the ending. So, BS is seeing the characters at their full maturity level that RJ intended. BS has to chronicle the journey to that level. I agree it seems a little forced, but BS is not RJ. No matter
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