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  1. It's Berelain's Thief-catcher who stole it from Masema. In CoT IIRC.
  2. Daes Dae Mar for Dummies - Thom Merillin All you wanted to know about fish - Siuan Sanche Who said tea was good for health? - Ronde Macura Gambling with a Gambler is twice a Gamble - Verin Mathwin How to hide a secret past life? - Setalle Anan, with foreword by Laras, Mistress of the Kitchens Hide and Seek - combined work by the Knitting Circle
  3. I thought I read once this about AoL Aes Sedai. They can live much more longer than any living person, but it is not an extension of their lifespan so to say, but also more of a slowing of their aging nature. Let's say a normal person. They start declining at 30. Before that they are at their prime. After that, they get tired faster, and can endure fewer things (alcohol, lack of sleep, lack of food/water, stress and so on). The older they get, the faster it goes. (I'm just suming it up, I won't and can't explain it thouroughly. I'm lacking proper knowledge) The process is slower when you channel, but it is also postponed. For an Aes Sedai, the aging will only begin when they are (let say) 65 (for a normal person). The Aes Sedai have a much longer "prime-time". They will decline much later than a normal person in comparison to their lifespan. So I assumed that a woman Aes Sedai won't achieve Menopause before 450 years if they were to die at 475, or maybe even later than that. I just give numbers without really thinking about it. It's only an example.
  4. I hope Galad has an important role in AMoL. Since the first book, we hear that he only does what is right, and the more the story progress, the more he takes importance, till he becomes the leader of the Whitecloaks in KoD (even if we aren't really aware of this as of ToM IIRC). If we think about the most common/most popular theory, there are the body swap, the resurrection, and the person helping him die. You can all link them to Galad. As stated above and just before in my post, Rand could switch body with Moridin, be killed by Galad and resurected with Galad's blood. (I like the theory about "blood calls blood" BTW). Galad just ending Berelain/Perrin/Faile unilateral triangle is lame and useless. Faile's death could solve it just as rapidly (:D)
  5. THe fact that Demandred is using Balefire at the DO's command is not a theory, but a fact. We see the DO askingthe question to Demandred in the Prologue of LoC... The fact that he is wildly using balefire to destroy the Pattern is another thing, though. It is unlikely IMO. Well, it is different from the War of Power, where huge amount of Balefire were used by numerous channelers, but it still destoy their chances of having a palpable world to rule upon. If the Pattern become too thin, reality itself will unravel. I don't think any Forsaken except Moridin would be daring to use it hugely. And I would like to point out that Moridin doesn't believe the Dark One is going to destroy the Patterb. He doesn't just believe in it. He knows it and has faith in it. It's quite the same, but the implications aren't the same IMO.
  6. I agree with you when you say the most relevant characters would be important figures reborn. And indeed, If Rand and Mat are, then Perrin most likely is. But Lan being Jearom Reborn? I really don't think so. And Elayne being Ilyena is impossible for me, as well as Egwene being Latra Posae Decume. Or if they are, then I am Bela Reborn in this Age... The only hint we have of Egwene possibly being someone reborn is this : And that would suggest the same timeline as Mat, for the memory is fuzzy, and she think she should understand the rest. It is arguable that she could be reborn more than twice in three thousand years, yeah... But I don't buy it anyway :p
  7. Will he relinquish control if he break the Mindtrap? He will then be in total control of the two of them if I understand correctly how Mindtraps works
  8. While sticking to Rand as Dashiva, he couldn't make such experiments. He had a hard time hiding his knowledge (TPoD, where he explains the difficulties with saidin, or when Flinn heals Rand. Even if he isn't supposed to be skilled in Healing, he knows Flinn did a very good job, which is kind of strange for a regular person IMO) So when could he have done it? After being freed from the Bore? No time, as I thing they went straight to the Green Man's place. Then, they were reborn in LoC(? not sure) and then he always was with Rand. He couldn't do otherwise, as it had been his task (see Graendal speaking of it, or was it Aran'Gar? in WH). And add that with the fact that you need an idea to create something, as well as tests and a lot of guinea pig. So quite difficult
  9. If you consider Mat's luck, it's not so hard a step to make to assume one being the descendant as well as the reborn soul to be the most unlikely thing to happen, and thus the most likely to happen to THAT character :p
  10. Lan is bound by an Oath to fight the Shadow. It is not only out of desperation or lust of dying he is willing to go to the Blight alone. You probably have seen how Oaths are kept (well, by regular people anyway, let's not take Aes Sedai into account). When they swear something, they can't bypass it. And more, Lan know that fight can't be won. That's why he wants to go alone. This is his fight, as uncrowned king of Malkier. He don't want to loead other people to their deaths, as he knows they will meet their end. By following Moiraine for some 20 years, he accepted to delay his Oath to serve a greater good. But at Moiraine death, he felt the Warder death rage, but never trully overcame it with Myrelle. Only Nynaeve gave him a motive to stay alive, and even that wasn't enough, as he was "courting death and didn't want to give her mourning black as a wedding gift blababla". But IIRC, he felt that she took the bond only when arriving at Tarwin Gap, or a little sooner. Another point toward his willingness to go to the Blight was the fact that nobody was there to prevent an attack from the Shadow. I suppose he knew he wouldn't make any difference, but that was something he could do. As someone mentioned earlier, he isn't a character who drive the plot forward. Indeed, he didn't make anything interesting since WH IIRC, when he killed Toram Riatin. So moving to the Blight was the least he could do (plot-related and chracter-related). For me, his actions are really understandable.
  11. BS's magic systems are cool. I like how he created not one, but three different Powers in the Mistborn trilogy. And the better is, the three are more or less interconnected in a way. Well, at least Allomancy and Feruchemy are connected, and sometimes Hemalurgy, even if different. The magic system in Warbreaker is cool too. The use of color and Breath is a very fun thing, IMO. I remember anothers magic system I liked, but I don't know if you know these serie, as it has been writen by a french author.It is "The Ji's secret" by Philippe Grimbert. It is akin to the will of Edding, but without the word IIRC (haven't read it for a veeeery long time). But I like the One Power too, even if I don't know why. Allomancy might be the one I like most, though...
  12. But there are other cases where neither a ter'angreal nor the Bowl of the Wind did that. What about the Wards failing, or the weaves that doesn't quite make it, even when done properly? there are cases where it is clearly stated that saidar isn't behaving as it should. Even Alviarin states it in CoT when she comes back to the Tower (chapter "A Mark" IIRC)
  13. This always confused me too--but it is seemingly inviolate. Both Moiraine and the Black Ajah Hunters assert this--the BAH to the extent that they believe anyone who does so must be Black Ajah. I'm gonna go with dholm's find... Who knows, perhaps in Randlandish the word 'speak' stresses this meaning more than in English. :D I think the case for not being able to write lies is akin to the explanation Saerin gave of a possible way Mesaana could have used to trick the Oath Rod. With the Mirror of Mist, it is possible to alter voice. Saerin was able to speak something but Yukiri heard something else. But she couldn't make Yukiri hear a lie. I think it is the same. You can change what you say, but if another person is going to hear a lie, then it won't work. Or something like that...
  14. Someone said about the Jenn : First, it's exactly what happened in Middle-Age (well, in "noble" families at least, and in France. I don't know how it went in other countries). The eldest son became the heir. The second became a priest. The third became what he wanted, but neither of the former. Generally a knight, I suppose... As of a group of person keeping the Way of the Leaf in the Aiel society, do no one remember a category of the Aiel never holding a spear or taking part in any battle? Protected by everyone and by ji'e'toh? Some person being so highly regarded that speaking of torturing them make Aiel discomfortable? Yes, blacksmiths. I always wondered why emphasis was put on their weird role in Aiel society. Why would they be so highly treated if all they did were Aiel weapons? There is probably something more to it, and I suppose it could be some remnant of the Jenn action on the Aiels. They could have enforced that they were keeping safe before completely disappearing. Or else. And Ithink also that the Wise Ones have a lot about them that match the Jenn (the no part in battle, no one would dare to harm them, etc...) that match what we see during the Age of Legend. Those are wild thoughts, if anyone has a better way of explaining what I mean, please do (if anyone understand what I meant^^)
  15. Could Rand go through the glass column once more now that the time-direction of the vision has been changed? EDIT : I forgot that Aviendha went there twice... So I suppose Rand could too. Wouldn't it be a good idea for him to go?
  16. But Rand saw one of those cord, but of a different color, on Aginor when he drew the Power through the Eye. Yet, he never saw the same thing again later. Ishamael and Asmodean have black cords, which means it is something different IMO. We know Ishamael/moridin uses the TP a lot. Couldn't it be possible that this black cord could be Rand seeing them drawing on the TP? Or seing the link through which they draw the TP from the Dark One?
  17. What I like about the Mat Tuon relationship is exactly that! They ARE opposite! He don't want to be a lord. He wants to be free, have fun, and be what he is. He hates being ta'veren and wants to avoid any kind of responsibility. The Pattern wanted him to be a commander, to be a leader, to be a general, and to become a high ranking noble. And because of Tuon, he will have to be. And even if they don't match, there are similarities in them. And the handful of PoV we have of Tuon are, in my opinion, really good as we, if I remember correctly, see a shift in perception throughout the plotline.
  18. Wow a rankng per book would be difficult. Try to rank book after book the fight-skill classement of, say : Rand, Mat, Perrin, who took stregth differently and were of different level at the beginning. And then you've got some other characters, who were of a good skill and yet improved : Galad and Gawyn. And, of course, people wanting a ranking of strength in the One Power book by book, tjus ending with more glossaries than pages in the book :p Well, in my book, in ten years, maybe it will be like Gawyn>Galad>Lan, who knows? :D
  19. Egwene couldn't enter Rand's dreams, and she tried some times. The Cour'souvra trap the spirit (spirit which is the flow used on dreaming ter'angreal). Rand accessed Moridin's dreams in tGS. Rand was in his dream, and went into Moridin's dreams/head where he found Lanfear, trapped also by the cour'souvra while sleeping. I don't see how it is implausible, Val Mickey
  20. That exists. Bond holders can shut the bond by "neating the bundle of emotion in a kerchief". There isn't any more sense of the other's feeling, direction, etc... it can be partially shut, enabling the bondholder to give a sensation of life, etc... We see Elayne do that, as well as Logain, some Black Ajah, etc...
  21. Oh ok sorry I misunderstood you. I don't think so for different reasons. * This is a different person doing the Bonding, and logically shall work. * saidin and saidar work together and against each other. The differences of the two halves, and the fact that saidin and saidar used together are working better indicates that it shall enhance the Bond to an upper level. * Someone can be bonded twice or plus, and someone can bond more than one person. (Rand and his four ladies, Logain, Toveine and Gabrelle, Green Ajah) * You can bond two person together (Aiel Wise Ones for adopted first sisters) There isn't any limit that prevent the co-bonding IMO
  22. Had a thought after reading someone mentioning Moridin killing Cyndane after she helps Rand. We know the Power shall not touch the Dark One, because he would be able to taint it. What if Cyndane's redemption was to become the shield between the Power and the Bore? Her dead body at Moridin's hand used to seal the Prison. :)
  23. It's not only about being bonded, but bond someone also. A bond B, and B bond A. They are Warders and bondholders at the same time. So Narishma is bonded to Merise. But he can bond Merise as his warder, as she isn't bonded Oh, by the way, Doviengleeman : someone can be bonded twice. Just not by the same person (rand is bonded to four women)
  24. Okok. I didn't remember there were lyrics on this song. Your bit about "dahl" remind me this album by Robert Berry. A song is entitled "The Aiel Approach (dahl of a chant)". But this song also has lyrics. On this album, there are two songs related to the White Tower : "The Halls of Tar Valon", and "The Search for the Black Ajah". If they aren't (which is likely), then I don't have any other idea...
  25. Ladies of the Tower, by Robert Berry, maybe?
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