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Favourite Minor Characters

Hoop Snake

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The unsung lieutenants. Dobraine, Darlin, and Talmanes.


I agree completely. I've always really like Talmanes, but you make excellent points about the other two.


I also really like Elyas and Ingtar even after you find out he was a Darkfriend. But most of that because he renounced it. His death scene is one of the best in the series.


I just can't label Tam as a "minor" character. He hasn't appeared much, but he's had a huge influence over the events that have shaped these books.

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Ituralde. Another who does what needs to be done as best he can figure out what that is on his own. At more than a little personal risk to himself since he's ostensibly defying the king's direct orders, too.


Bayle Domon: A good man to have at your back in any situation.


Tuon ( and Selucia too ): unexpected wit and strength of character. She'll be a great ally or a really nasty enemy.


Furyk Karede: A very dangerous, very smart, very dedicated man.


I like most of those others have mentioned, too.

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These are characters that do not figure in the prophecies/visions/foretellings... even supporting characters such as Galad do figure in. These are listed ONLY by the book they first appeared in:


1) Hyam Kinch

2) Hurin

3) Dermid Ajala (from the smithy in Tear)

4) Bair

5) Talmanes

6) Sebban Balwer

7) The gholam

8) Furyk Karede

9) Selucia

10) Rodel Ituralde

11) Tylee Khirgan

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