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  1. You are probably right on her no appreciating Mat's help, but I doubt that will occur or stop him.
  2. I don't think he would willingly take control of the armies, but he does now want Galgan dead. Although theoretically speaking you are quite possibly correct in him not needing to kill Galgan. I also do not think that Mat is Prince of the Ravens anymore, I believe that was the title granted to the husband of the Daughter of the Nine Moons, and as Tuon is now Empress, I believe that Mat has a new title.
  3. (Chapter 11 Spoilers) There was a theory posted a long time ago that Mat would take direct control of the Seanchan armies. Several people, including myself, objected to this theory on the grounds that Mat would simply lead the Band, and if he lead the Seanchan it would be indirectly. I no longer believe this to be the case. I am now certain that the original theory is corret. I believe that Mat will kill Galgan: And then Fortuna will conscript Mat into Galgan's position.
  4. Does anyone know if there are plans to release the audio book of chapter 2 again?
  5. I just wish they would release the ebook to the masses at the same time they send the final draft to the publishers. I would gladly blow $100 to not wait for it to be printed and shipped.
  6. I disagree. Why would Slayer think that Perrin could get inside the tower? Is it that easy in Teleranrhiod to enter the Tower of Ghenjei? I doubt it. It would be.. lame if that is what Jordan meant to do in that scene. Plus, Birgette implies that Slayer did go inside - hence her warning for Perrin not to do so. I think there is more here than just some Slayer subterfuge. Someone should ask Brandon a clever question if we will see the Finns in AMoL. And whether Slayer has any dealings with them. Maybe we won't get a RAFO. I wouldn't be surprised if it just takes imagining a door to get in while dreaming.
  7. I think you have posted in not English before (if not you then someone else and that time figuring out the translation was worse); when you do please at least identify the language. That took me 5 minutes to get Google to translate , although I can't argue with the sentiment.
  8. Now that I think of it I believe that it may refer to the line in ToM where Rand sends an Asha'man to the Black Tower and says something like "Tell the men that we are not weapons."
  9. Male homosexuals were alluded to in New Spring:
  10. I would be willing to bet Alanna's wanderings in the Two Rivers were so that she could weap in private.
  11. Moridin seems to suffer from Rand's wounds. In TGS Graendal notes that Moridin's hand seems to be bother him.
  12. Just so you know, Brandon did that on purpose so that many of the awesome scenes in TGS wouldn't be pushed back into ToM, leaving TGS with some Egwene in the tower, Perrin not making much progress, entirely Dark Rand, etc. It might have been another CoT, which a new author would be hard pressed to deal with. He wanted to 'hit it out of the park' with TGS (and after reading ToM it completely makes sense) so he included a great deal of the best scenes at the end of TGS out of sequence with a few others timeline-wise. I know, and up until I started ToM I supported this decision, but now I would like a chronological copy of the books.
  13. Just that the timelines don't match up between Perrin and Rand - Perrin's story was put on hold in TGS while Rand was advanced, so in TOM Brandon had to catch Perrin up. (I assume that's what you meant; not sure what ASOL would be, unless it's A Storm of Light, which is the chapter where Rand went to Maradon, and AMOL isn't out yet.) I am personally tempted to go out and get an extra copy of TGS and ToM, tear them appart and put them back together in chronological order.
  14. Could Moiraine be the tipping point in uniting the world behind Rand. Could she have knowledge, probably from the Finns, that indicates that the seals must be broken that will be accepted by Egwene?
  15. Their technology was One Power based, rather than electricity based. We know they had standing weaves and that ter'angreal were common, they were even used for mundane applications like flower vaces. I believe that there were Aes Sedai "engineers" who designed new ter'angreal where were then manufactured on a large scale using other ter'angreal.
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