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  1. Even though Harriet stated on last nights twitter interview that there was only 2 sentences of Outrigger written and that RJ didn't want an infinite amount of books, she did not implicitly say that there will NEVER be anymore books from the WOT universe (besides the encyclopedia). So while it may not happen, I'm going to keep my hopes up that we'll see some kind of expansion.
  2. You mean Noel? No. Im wondering if he sneaks in afterward, since he knows how to get in. In Tower of Ghenjei? Did you read this thread at all? and NO. Tower of Ghenjei is 100s of leagues away from Camelyn. Too far for sneaking;) He's snuck into places where he shouldnt have before. I dont think its not just going to be Mat, Thom and Noel going there to Ghenji. In Ghenji, yes, but not to Ghenji. In TGS Matt mentions that Bayle knows where the tower is at, and thus he will show the way.. And do you think that Mat and co. are going to ride all the way to the tower f
  3. You mean Noel? No. Im wondering if he sneaks in afterward, since he knows how to get in.
  4. I'm wondering if Olver stays behind at the Tower of Ghenji, swaps places with Moiraine or something.
  5. So something happens with Olver...is he a darkfriend? Does he die? Get trampled by a horse? One of the Chosen in disguise?
  6. I just hope Elaida will do something to redeem herself, like jumping off a cliff or something before she gives up the secrets of traveling.
  7. When Elaida gets collared. Though it worries me that the Seanchan will get Traveling.
  8. This is just for fun. Lets say that the Band, led by Mat were to fight the Little Tower's army led by Gareth Byrne (not including any Aes Sedai)...who would win?
  9. While I agree that Danelle is definitely a good canidate for Mesaana-I dont think Mesaana liked to teach,she wanted to do research instead, but was found "unsuitable"
  10. That theory was one of the ones that was posted on the Compleat Wheel of Time FAQ. Just like Lenn is actually John Glen and the "Eagle" was Apollo 11.
  11. So what relations is Perival to Rand? A cousin?
  12. It was in 1996 and I was 21 ( I would turn 22 2 months later).. I got it at the Naval Exchange in NTC Great Lakes, IL. I was just looking for a book to read on my flight home for military leave.
  13. My Fave: Eye of the World The one I least liked: Crossroads of Twilight
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