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  1. I'm tired of not knowing what the Others are up to. I'm sick of watching Sawyer, Jack, and Kate getting pushed around without ever learning anything. I want to see the other characters some more or I want to learn something new, it's getting kind of old. I miss Hurley :cry: Seeing the monster last week, did anyone else think 'Mashadar!'
  2. I don't have anything wildly different, but it used to drive me crazy talking with my ex about the books (he's the one who got me into them) because I did use the glossary to decide on pronunciation and he didn't. He would pronounce things so weird that I didn't know what he was talking about half the time. In ex-speak: Egwene - Edge-win Aes Sedai - Uh-sed-ee Nynaeve - Nuh-neh-vee
  3. I would LOVE to learn some Icelandic. I am a foreign language teacher (Spanish) and I love learning words and structures from other languages and comparing it to the two that I'm fluent in. However, I'm not sure that learning Icelandic in the manner you're suggesting would be enough for me. For one thing, I don't have time to practice regularly, and so wouldn't be able to learn enough words and grammatical structures to satisfy my curiosity. Also, I wouldn't be able to learn pronunciation and that would drive me crazy. Might I suggest, if you are really looking for English speaker
  4. How is it that no one's mentioned Lini yet?
  5. Does it have to be 21st century? Most of what I listen to is 80's or 90's. For 21st century I would have to say Ben Gibbard (because I really can't decide between Postal Service and Death Cab). And you will know us by the trail of dead for a second choice.
  6. I've read the whole series once, and 5, 6, 9, & 10 twice.
  7. I'd say Mat for a one nighter (I, for one, am not totally against them as long as it's not a regular habit) because I bet he's got some good tricks. As for long term, I'd probably pick Tallanvor. I always picture him as kind of hot and I like his self control towards Morgase.
  8. I'm rereading ASOS right now and I just got done with the Arya chapter where the Hound reveals where he's taking her. He's getting pretty fed up with her trying to escape and the last line of the chapter is the Hound saying "I'm taking you to your uncle's bloody wedding." (or something close to that) I laughed pretty hard. If only he knew... :lol:
  9. For awe factor: when Rand and Nynaeve cleanse saidin and channelers everywhere can feel it, the Choedan Kal glowing, I guess it's my favorite because they are affecting the ENTIRE world in that time Funniest: when Mat puts Joline over his knee and spanks her
  10. Wow Jon, you only live like 2 hours from me. I know a few people at NIU. They're all teaching majors. I graduated from WIU a year ago. Small world :)
  11. Kathana, your school sounds awesome! I am a high school Spanish teacher, also certified in bilingual ed/ESL. I LOVE reading about schools that are truly bilingual. Unfortunately I live in an area where there isn't much interest in being bilingual.
  12. Sort of off the subject, but I'm rereading aGoT and in the sleeve where it talks about GRRM, it says something about the upcoming sequel entitled 'A Dance with Dragons.' Funny how things change.
  13. I've got a very wild guess, but I just re-read tFoH and I was thinking about how RJ said Asmodean can't be resurrected because of how and where he died. Nynaeve had Moghedien on a leash in TAR right before Asmo died, do you think maybe Nynaeve did it after she made Mog drink the forkroot and wake up? I know, logically, there's alot of Nynaeve POV later on that she should have at least thought about it somewhere, but like I said, it's a WILD guess.
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